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The North Shore Hebrew Academy is a Modern-Orthodox Yeshiva situated in the heart of Great Neck, New York. NSHA offers a warm environment where learning thrives. We inspire our students to become passionate learners, critical thinkers, and dedicated community members. Our school is where academic excellence meets Torah values and love for Israel. Our strength is that we are not just a school – we are a community.

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Tuesday 28 March
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Journal Dinner

Sunday 2 April
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Pesach Break

Friday 7 April


NSHA Welcomes the IDF Musical Ensemble

Have you ever had the opportunity to sing Hatikva with a unit from the Israel Defense Forces? Today our students did just that at one of the most moving assemblies yet at NSHA.

Teaching our Students About Global Adversity: An Interdisciplinary Approach

How do we teach our students about the world beyond our sheltered walls?  Under the direction of our seventh grade English teacher Mrs. Lisa Guggenheimer, our students have begun an interdisciplinary unit focusing on global adversity.  Learn more about it on our NSHA blog. 

The First Annual NSHA – Great Neck Succah Hop: A Community Experience

On the first day of Chol Hamoed Succot did you notice 120 NSHA Middle School students walking up Old Mill Road?



Digging into our Research Skills

Our 3rd-5th graders are honing their research and presentation skills all with a little help from Google.

The Magic of Magnetism and Integrative Learning

Ever wonder how a rollercoaster works?  Ask one of our Third graders.  They’re working on an Integrative Learning STEM unit on the magic of magnetism!

The Lion Report (January 21-Februay 8)

The regular seasons are winding down but we’re heading to the playoffs and we’ll need all the #NSHALionPride you can roar up!

Committed to Educating the Next Generation

What Makes our School Different?

At our school, academic excellence and high achievement meet in a supportive environment. We offer the highest level Ivrit b’Ivrit curriculum, a rigorous general studies program, inspiring Judaic studies, an individualized enrichment program, and a nurturing community for life.

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NSHA’s Close-Knit Community

A charming neighborhood with a small town feel, Great Neck is home to a diverse and robust Jewish community. Our school is at the heart of the community, playing a central role in our daily lives and on Shabbat. When you enroll at NSHA, you don’t just join a school – you become part of a family.

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Alumni Spotlight

Upon graduation, our students become part of a proud alumni community. Our graduates span the globe and across industries. It is a testament to the North Shore Hebrew Academy experience that scores of alumni have returned to Great Neck to send their children to our school.

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Staff Spotlight

Caring, committed, and creative faculty are the foundation of NSHA’s superior education. Dedicated to fostering a love of learning, our teachers pour their wisdom into each lesson. Read about the individuals who inspire our students.

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Who is wise?
One who learns from everyone.

(Avot 4: 1)

איזהו חכם?
הלומד מכל אדם.

(אבות ד': א')

We are not just a school – we are a community.