Day of Learning

Sponsoring a Day of Torah Learning is a meaningful way to commemorate a simcha or to honor a loved one. This effort provides our  students with the  opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of studying in the merit of another person, a mitzvah that we hope they will continue to practice throughout their lives.  Funds raised through this special program go directly to provide additional educational programs for the benefit of our children.

The day will be recognized with an email sent out to our community, included in that day’s morning announcements with our head of school, a post on NSHA’s social media feed, and a mention in our weekly Newsletter.

If you would have any questions about sponsoring a Day of Learning please contact Laura Cohen at or 516-487-8687 ext. 133.

Day of Torah Learning at one NSHA campus: $180

Day of Torah Learning at two NSHA campuses: $360

Day of Torah Learning at all NSHA campuses: $540