Leadership Team

Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Kobrin

Rosh HaYeshiva/Head of School, Grades Toddler-12 (516) 487-2424 Ext. 1101|Email

Early Childhood

Elana Helfgott

Early Childhood Director (516) 487-8687 Ext. 156|Email

Adina Wertman

Early Childhood Assistant Director (516) 487-8687 Ext. 117|Email

Elementary and Middle School

Leadership Team

Dr. Sharon Applebaum

Principal, Grades 1-8 (516) 487-9163 |Email

Rabbi Adam Acobas

Acting Principal, Grades 1-5 (516) 487-8687 |Email

Rabbi Simon Basalely

Acting Principal, Grades 6-8 (516) 487-9163|Email
Leadership Team

Ms. Loren Borgese

Associate Principal, Grades 1-5 (516) 487-8687|Email

Ms. Lisa Guggenheimer

Assistant Principal, Grades 6-8 (516) 487-9163 Ext. 266|Email
Leadership Team

Ms. Tammy Masar

Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Grades 1-8 (516) 487-8687|Email

Mrs. Lisa Weinstein

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Grades K-8 (516) 487-8687 Ext. 169|Email

High School

Leadership Team

Mr. Ira Miller

Dean, Grades 9-12 (516) 487-2424|Email

Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg

Principal, Grades 9-12 (516) 487-2424|Email
Leadership Team

Ms. Lisa Septimus

Director of Student Life (516) 487-2424|Email

Institutional Advancement

Leadership Team

Mrs. Abigail Zausmer Weiss ‘96

Director of Institutional Advancement and Communications, Grades T-12 (516) 487-8687 Ext. 167|Email

Educational Technology

Leadership Team

Mr. Andy Sandler

Coordinator of Technology Services, Grades T-12 (516) 487-8687 Ext. 141|Email

Ms. Robin Wilensky

Director of Educational Technology, Grades 9-12 (516) 615 - 9868|Email


Mr. Jamie Lassner

Director of Student Programming, Grades 6-8 Email
Leadership Team

Ms. Peri Santodonato

Director of Student Activities, Grades 1-5 (516) 487-8687|Email
Leadership Team

Ms. Lisa Septimus

Director of Student Life, Grades 9-12 (516) 487-2424|Email

Business Office

Mrs. Laura Cohen '85

Executive Director (516) 487-8687|Email

Scott Buchner

Director of Finance Email