Brielle Kalter

Love. Watch. Play. Analyze. These are the key words of junior Brielle Kalter when describing her favorite thing. Brielle is North Shore’s December Student of the Month.

What is it that Brielle is so passionate about? Sports. All kinds of sports. There’s hockey for watching (she’s an Islanders fan), soccer her favorite for playing (she’s on the North Shore team), and basketball (also on the North Shore Varsity team). However, she is not just an avid observer, fan and participant. Brielle is a collector and analyzer of data.  It’s not enough for her to know how to play a sport or just to excel, her bright inquiring mind wants to know more and how to use that information for the best outcome possible. As a member of Girls Who Code, Brielle is no stranger to taking various and disparate data and finding a way to make sense of it. She considers herself a “tech girl” who loves AP Computer Science, coding and programming and won first place at the Virtual Mobile Computer Science Programming App Expo for an app she created receiving 4,752 likes from the Mobile CSP community.

For Brielle, the “more” is the collection of relevant and historical statistics that can provide a competitive advantage to a team or individual. Her vast array of co-curricular choices reflects her interest in creating tools to develop a whole picture of a player, performance or game.  For life and professional lessons in financial awareness, Brielle is a member of the Investing club. To expand her knowledge of the human body, Brielle is member of Medical Minds club and to gain greater understanding of the human mind she participates in Every Mind Matters. The skills and technical information she acquires from the meetings can only serve to whet her appetite to better comprehend how decisions are made with regard to players, coaches and sporting events, both at the amateur and professional levels.

As a young woman aspiring to be in the professional sports arena, Brielle is concerned about making sure she has a balanced life by taking part in the Women Who Work Club hearing from successful professional women who have created full lives. In addition, she is a member of the Women’s Initiative Club and the Leadership Club. Her fun side comes out, in the name of being sure she sets aside time for relaxation, when she plays fantasy football (a game in which the participants serve as owners and general managers of virtual professional American football teams), watching comedies on Netflix with friends, or traveling to NYC for some delicious food.

Another surprising facet of Brielle’s multidimensional personality is that she adores performing in musical theater where she loves to sing and dance while enjoying performing arts camp meeting like-minded teens from different states and diverse backgrounds. She also is very accomplished on the piano and loves to share her talent.

Chesed and helping others is important to leading a balanced life as well. Brielle is on the Chesed Committee and is a Peer Tutor in AP Computer Science, Talmud and Spanish. She is also a mentor for the Virtual Buddies program for elementary age kids who need some extra academic and social support.

What you need to know that you may not know… Brielle has a real knack for languages, her favorite food is Lo Mein, her favorite color is Sky Blue and she fearlessly skied in the Italian Alps after just one ski lesson!

Whether playing or analyzing her enthusiasm for all things sports and technology-related, Brielle has an organized and very creative mind. However, she says of all of her passionate endeavors, the thing she loves most is the amazing feeling she gets when she helps someone to “get it” no matter what “it” is.

Mazel tov Brielle!