Mission Statement

The North Shore Hebrew Academy’s mission is to educate, nurture, and develop our students into knowledgeable and driven individuals who are prepared to excel academically and professionally, and who make a powerful impact on their communal and family lives.


Our vision is to continue to be a preeminent Modern Orthodox Yeshiva known for providing a best-in-class General and Judaic education in a warm and supportive environment operating in accordance with our core values:

Torat Yisrael

A commitment to and love for Torah, Mitzvot, Halacha, Medinat Yisrael and Klal Yisrael

Derech Eretz

Respect for, sensitivity to and acceptance of others in thought, speech and action

Simchat Chayim

An overall joy of learning, innovation, and intellectual pursuit


Responsibility and accountability for the Jewish and global community worldwide