The Beit Midrash Program

The Beit Midrash program is where students immerse themselves in timeless questions about Jewish traditions and discuss their continued importance in our ever-changing modern world. In our ambitious and rigorous yeshiva program, young women and men learn side by side, and each student comes to understand that their Torah studies are equally as important and relevant to their lives as the rest of their academics.

Students that choose to join the Beit Midrash track exhibit a strong interest in and dedication to Limud Torah. They are eager to challenge themselves academically as they deepen their understanding of their traditions and responsibilities as Jewish adults. The Beit Midrash program provides our students with additional class time to accomplish this goal.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Beit Midrash program, students emerge with an enhanced appreciation of the beauty of our classical texts, and the ability to navigate the rich complexities of Jewish thought with ease. Beit Midrash students are highly sought after by yeshivot and seminaries in Israel for their academic prowess, work ethic, and Torah knowledge.

Beit Midrash instructors are accomplished rabbanim, each with a deep understanding of Jewish learning, their own unique style of teaching, and a shared hashkafa.