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Headmaster's Message

Dr. Daniel J. Vitow
Welcome to our official website. As you look through the various pages of our site you will get a glimpse of our exciting, dynamic educational institution—the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School. NSHA HS was founded on and continues to operate according to a set of thoughtfully developed and clearly articulated principles. These principles sum up what we stand for at our school.

 We believe in educating our children, not merely schooling them. Our school is a place where thinking, analyzing, imagining, and creating are encouraged, nurtured, and rewarded. We don’t want our students to learn merely for the sake of passing a test. We want them to develop intellectual curiosity and the skills with which to satisfy it. We know that learning begins with questions; we teach our students how to make productive inquiries.

 We are committed to providing the best education we can for all the children we admit. That involves identifying an individual s optimum learning style and providing those experiences for him or her that will effect maximum intellectual, social, and emotional growth. There is a way to reach every child; we are experts at finding those ways.

 We know that we need to teach more than academic course content. As Modern Orthodox Jews, our children are expected to strive for success as they live in and engage with the modern world while still being faithful to the religious teachings of our Torah and our sages. So while we give our students the tools to succeed in the secular arena, we make sure they understand the benefits of living their lives as ethical, Torah Jews. We know our students will have to do a balancing act; we are dedicated to showing them how to achieve that balance.

 We foster in our students an overwhelming commitment to religious Zionism. As a result of numerous programs which involve them in activities in support of Israel, our students reach a level of maturity in their years with us that permits them to go out into the world armed with the skills to face the realities of the world in which they must live. We know our students will face challenges; we equip them to deal with them effectively.

 Parents--we know that when children enjoy coming to school and when their school experiences are positive and rewarding, they will flourish. That is why we are committed to providing for our students a wholesome, safe, and respectful atmosphere. I invite you to visit with us and experience the most outstanding venture in Jewish education in the twenty-first century.