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In engaging classes and co-curriculars that challenge and delight every type of learner, our middle schoolers learn to balance their academics, their religious obligations, their friendships, and their families with guidance and support from our attentive faculty.

Middle school students receive a top-tier, comprehensive Jewish and General Studies education. Beginning in the sixth grade, they transition to a departmental format, moving between classrooms to learn from distinguished faculty who have years of professional experience in their fields. With rigorous academics, homework assignments, and testing, our faculty hold high expectations for our students, while always teaching to “the whole child.” At NSHA, we are committed to addressing our students’ spiritual, emotional, and developmental needs in order to help them grow and succeed.

Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to explore their hobbies and interests, express themselves creatively, and participate in their favorite sports in our expansive co-curricular offerings. As they prepare for their high school years, they grow into curious, competent young adults eager to make a difference and take their place in their Jewish community.

Dr. Sharon Applebaum

Rabbi Simon Basalely

Lisa Guggenheimer

"We’re teaching students fundamental tools like problem solving, outside of the box thinking and collaboration which are preparing them to be successful not just in the world around them today, but also for theoretical scenarios that are yet to be built."

Andy Sandler, Director of Educational Technology

"As an alumnus of the North Shore Hebrew Academy this school is part of my soul! I’m so grateful that my children are able to have the same experience that I did as a student of North Shore Hebrew Academy."

Natasha Asher, NSHA Parent and Alumnus

“I love seeing the moment a kid gets it - there's a certain spark in their eye and confidence in their body that is just magical. Working with adults, I also love watching teachers get excited about learning something new and then trying it out in their classroom and experiencing how powerful learning something new can be.”

Lisa Weinstein, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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