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Where joy and learning grow together

In our colorful Early Childhood classrooms, learning is everywhere! Attentive, experienced teachers create vibrant, safe, and supportive spaces that encourage our children to explore independently, grow developmentally and emotionally, and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Surrounded by the sounds and letters of English and Hebrew, our young learners develop reading readiness. They perform science experiments, solve math problems, and express themselves through art, dance, and music.

Each week’s parasha is seamlessly integrated into lessons on Jewish history and tradition, and every chag is an opportunity for learning and tefillah – and for joyous celebration! As they explore, grow, and make new friends, our students gain an understanding of the Jewish community and the world around them – and their unique and important place in both.

We welcome you to our Early Education program, and invite you and your child to join our amazing community of kind and curious friends!

Elana Helfgott
Early Childhood Director

Adina Wertman
Early Childhood Assistant Director

"My job is to set up every child with the tools they need to be lifelong learners. That means empowering them to feel special and capable, intellectually curious, and ready for what’s next."

Adina Wertman, Early Childhood Assistant Director

"As graduates of NSHA, we are thrilled to be educating our daughters at the same nurturing institution in which we grew up. We are inspired by the dedicated morot and the curriculum rich in midot, love for Israel and the Chagim. It’s truly special to be a part of the NSHA community"

Daniel '88 and Shoshana '93 Flax, NSHA alumni and parents

"Our children are absorbing everything they learn. Every new experience, every behavior they adopt, every word and letter they learn each week, is an investment in their future. I’m honored to play a role in that process"

Jamie Karmely, Pre-K Teacher

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