Mercaz ASA

When the final bell rings in the afternoon, NSHA’s classrooms and gyms transform into NBA basketball courts, Broadway stages, mad science labs, and more!

More than 20 Mercaz after school activities are offered to our students, with new courses added every year. Some Mercaz activities are relaxing and meditative, while others are energizing and exciting – the perfect way for students to wind down or let off steam in structured, beneficial ways.

After school activities are a wonderful way to spend time with friends – and, since activities are open to all grade levels (and 80% of students are involved in a Mercaz activity), students are bound to make new friends across different classes and grades! No matter what activity they choose, students will hone their skills and talents, gain an understanding of sportsmanship and fair competition, and learn new hobbies.

Mercaz activities are run by both NSHA teachers and outside professionals who are experts in their fields. Every instructor is dedicated to leading an exciting, enriching activity and has designed their program with their students’ interests in mind.

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