For the first time in NSHAHS history we have student winners at the DECA NY State competition for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, business management and administration, finance, hospitality and tourism. DECA High School and Collegiate participants compete at the regional, state and national/international levels. DECA’s flagship evaluation process involves students competing in both a written component such as an exam or report and an interactive component with industry professionals serving as judges.

Congratulations to:

  • Shoshana Horn who finished in the top 5 in the Human Resources category and is going to compete in the National competition. Shoshana evaluated case studies and presented her recommendations to the judges.
  • Gabby Kahen who was awarded top 10 in the Professional Selling category. Her presentation included playing the role of a salesperson in the Hospitality industry, and creating a sales pitch which was presented to the judges.
  • Sarah Brisman, Julia Hajibay and Aaron Kahen who finished in the top 10 in the Innovation Plan category. Their plan proposed a unique new product to introduce to the market.

Congratulations as well to our DECA faculty advisor, Mr. Doug Garfinkel, Chairman of the NSHAHS Business Department who inspires our students in this field every day.

The DECA program at NSHAHS has inspired hundreds of our students to explore careers and apply their skills in the fields of marketing, business management and administration, finance, hospitality and tourism. Their real world application approach provides a valuable opportunity for our students to learn about, develop skills and compete in industries that are integral to our national and world economy.