The business world offers many opportunities for successful careers. Business Department courses seek to educate students with real world practical knowledge and skills they can apply to internships and careers, as well as to get them “college ready” for future business courses. Classes consist of lecture/discussion along with assignments and projects (which are the primary assessment tool) that apply learnings to real-world business scenarios. In addition to learning specific topics, for example Virtual Enterprise, Investing, and Marketing students will also learn important business skills such as teamwork and presenting. This is especially seen in the various College Accounting courses offered as well.  There is strong use of technology including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as QuickBooks for Accounting.  Many of the Business courses can be taken for college credit.

Course Descriptions

College Dual Enrollment Courses

We have partnered with several local colleges to offer courses for college credits. Students may enroll in these courses at a significantly reduced cost and earn college credits.

  • College Marketing
  • College Entrepreneurship
  • College Investing
  • College Real Estate
  • College Accounting
  • College Virtual Enterprise