Storytelling and Embodying the Values of Dr. MLK Jr.

“You are all equal in your power, but distinct in your gifts.” – Ama Karikari Yawson

Our students have been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s significance, legacy and the ways in which we can fulfill his dream.  As part of that mission, we held a special program on January 28th for grades K-5 led by Ms. Ama Karikari Yawson, a professional storyteller, focusing on the importance of understanding and accepting individual differences and the negative impact that bullying can have.

Ms. Yawson’s incredible storytelling included an interactive performance of her book Sunne’s Gift, which tells the story of Sunne, who is bullied by her siblings Earthe, Watre, and Winde.  The siblings learn the importance of loving oneself and others and honoring and celebrating the differences we each have.  Our students played the roles of Sunne, Earthe, Watre and Winde through dance and song, embodying the characters and their roles.  The performance included “Talking Drums” and our students had the opportunity to learn how these West African drums work and are an important part of storytelling.

We thank Ms. Yawson for bringing her incredible program to NSHA, and for presenting our school library with copies of Sunne’s Gift, which you can also purchase on Amazon by clicking here.

Included below is “Sunne’s Pledge,” which is a manifestation of Dr. King’s legacy and ways in which our students can embody his values in their everyday lives.

Sunne’s Pledge

I am a magbee, a magical being

The Creator made no mistakes when creating me.

Every hair on my head is beautiful.

Every inch of my skin is divine.

My face, body, mind and spirit are all unique reflections of God’s handiwork.

My intellectual powers are infinite.

My creative gifts know no bounds.

I promise to honor and nurture all of my gifts.

I will disregard any negative comments, ridicule, teasing or bullying directed at me.

I know my power, value and worth.

In short, I will be free to be me.

I promise to encourage others to do the same.