Storytelling and Embodying the Values of Dr. MLK Jr.

How can we use the power from within to be a positive force in the world?

Who Was? History Bee Buzzes through NSHA

One student reported reading 65 books to prepare for the competition!

Jewish History in a Flash Returns to NSHA

What’s on your Bookshelf – Featuring the Aharon Family

We’re Learning Jewish History – “in a Flash!”

We’ve embarked on a journey covering over 5000 years of Jewish history in three days.

NSHA Welcomes the IDF Musical Ensemble

Have you ever had the opportunity to sing Hatikva with a unit from the Israel Defense Forces? Today our students did just that at one of the most moving assemblies yet at NSHA.

Teaching our Students About Global Adversity: An Interdisciplinary Approach

How do we teach our students about the world beyond our sheltered walls?  Under the direction of our seventh grade English teacher Mrs. Lisa Guggenheimer, our students have begun an interdisciplinary unit focusing on global adversity.  Learn more about it on our NSHA blog. 

The First Annual NSHA – Great Neck Succah Hop: A Community Experience

On the first day of Chol Hamoed Succot did you notice 120 NSHA Middle School students walking up Old Mill Road?


The Shofar Factory comes to NSHA

Our sixth grade students had the opportunity to make their own shofarot.

Meet Mr. Ofier Sigal, the new General Studies Principal at NSHA

10 Things You’ll Find in Mr. Sigal’s New Office

Bruchot Habaot to the Bnei Akiva Shlichot

Welcome to our two Israeli Bnei Akiva Shlichot, Rachel and Efrat.

Welcome Back to School!

See all the excitement and energy from our first day of school.

We are not just a school – we are a community.