We’re Learning Jewish History – “in a Flash!”

What is Jewish History in a Flash?  International educator Ronnie Halibard, director of Jewish History in a Flash, describes the impetus for his groundbreaking workshop which our Middle School students are engaged in over three days this week:  “I realized that kids and adults don’t have a grasp of the context of Jewish history – of the story line that brought us to today.”  The goal of the workshop is to gain a thorough understanding of the time periods, movements  and major events that define Jewish history.  Over three days we’ll explore these topics, some in depth, and some “in a flash.”  All three workshops use visual cues, and memory aids to help our students retain yediot kelaliyot  – “basic knowledge.”  Mr. Halibrand noted, “This workshop is tailor made for NSHA.  This presentation lays out the context of the story of the Jewish people – to have things make sense in the most simplistic format without getting bogged down in specific dates. We’re making Jewish history an exciting, interactive story.  All of the workshops have the same historical context but they have different focus points.  For each time period I’m looking to give a memory cue that will best help the students attain the information and retain what they learn. I want this to be a springboard – students can move forward placing Chumash, Navi, Mishna and Gemara all into context.”

Following our “in a flash” presentations, we’ll continue exploring these topics in our own classes throughout the year.

Check out our Jewish History in a Flash schedule for this weekend visit http://www.jhflash.com to learn more.

Day 1: The major events of Jewish history.  We’ll gain an understanding of the timeline of periods in Jewish history, setting the context for our next two days.

Day 2: The development of Torah Sh’Bichtav, Torah Sh’Bealpeh, meforshim and Halacha.

Day 3: The 4000 year history of the land in Israel.