Artists in Residence! NSHA & the Hecksher Art Museum Program

Every year our Kindergarten students participate in an art appreciation and immersion program with the Hecksher Art museum.  It is always a highlight both for our students who spend time with Art education specialists both in their NSHA classrooms and in the Hecksher galleries, as well as  for our faculty who take so much pride in their students creativity and self expression.

On Tuesday, education specialists from the Museum came to our school and spent time with each Kindergarten class, educating the children on various artistic techniques including abstraction. The children saw examples of animals portrayed using different colors and details.  Each child then had an opportunity to create their own “masterpiece.”

Today we visited the museum. The children examined firsthand original  works of art with different themes such as windows, landscapes, and abstracts hanging in the museum.  We  created our own landscapes by layering elements on the Art Action Board with the Action Brushster and then created our own landscape as seen through a window. We also had the opportunity to create our very own “abstract״ work of art.

The Hecksher program perfectly reinforces the focus we place on art, imagination, self expression and creativity.