Introducing the new

  1. Responsive Site: This website is fully responsive which means it will work on every screen size – mobile, tablet and desktop. Easily access all your NSHA news and information on any device you choose.
  2. Calendar Features: Our new Calendar is color coded so you can easily organize your family’s NSHA schedules.
  3. Calendar Synching: Click on any event to integrate it with your Google, Outlook and iCal Calendars.
  4. Enriching Content: The new website is rich in content that will be updated regularly – weekly message from the Rosh HaYeshiva, divrei Torah, articles from our educators, PTA announcements and spotlights on our alumni, staff and students.
  5. Quicklinks: Looking for the latest sign up sheets or forms? Find them quickly and easily with our Quicklinks menu.
  6. Social Media: Click on one of the social media icons to find out what’s happening at NSHA day to day.
  7. NSHA Pride: Lastly, NSHA is a wonderful community for our students and families. Enjoy all the beautiful images of life at NSHA. #LearningForALifetime