Color Theory Art Studio (Tuesdays)


Tuesdays, 3:15 – 4:15 pm

1st semester-17
9/19, 26
10/3, 10, 17, 24, 31
11/7, 14, 21, 28
12/5, 12, 19
1/2, 9, 16

2nd semester-15
2/6, 13, 20, 27
3/5, 19, 26
4/2, 9, 16
5/7, 14, 21, 28

Art Classes for Our Secondary Colorists, Elementary Ages

Color Theory art classes for kids are all about creativity! Kids use their imaginations while using a wide variety of materials and completing one project per class They explore artists, techniques, world cultures and more. Our comprehensive ART curriculum is always NEW & EXCITING!

Explore the magic of fine art and mixed media! Secondary Colorists will be exposed to various art techniques including painting, drawing, collage, sculpting and much more. Each lesson focuses on different mediums from paint, pastels, watercolor, chalk, clay and more. Students will be exposed to various artists and cultures while also learning art and design elements. Colorists will be introduced to abstract and realistic painting, still life, portraiture, contour drawing, patterns, positive and negative space, sculpture and special relationships. Each week our artists will complete a masterpiece that is all their own! Secondary Colorists in our Elementary level Art Classes will become confident creative thinkers and problem solvers. In our inviting and safe environment, students can create work from their own ideas by exploring media, making mistakes and having FUN.

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*Registration must be accompanied by payment. No child can come to class without payment in full in advance.  Classes are subject to cancellation pending sufficient enrollmentPlease contact Mitchell Hall with any questions

Busing & Pickup Information – Monday- Thursday
***Please specifically indicate bus number or pick up. Do not leave blank or just a check mark***

Parents of Kindergarten, Pre-K Boys & Girls:

By order of the Great Neck Transportation Department – Kindergarteners are not permitted on the late bus. There are no exceptions. All children in Kindergarten must be picked up at 4:15 pm. Our Friday Pre-K students must be picked up promptly at 2:00.

Parents of 1st-3rd Grade Boys & Girls:

1st-3rd grade children will be dismissed at 4:15 pm. For each day, you must write how your child will be going home.  If it is by bus, please write the bus number. If they will be picked up, please write “P/U.”  If this section is not filled out, it will be assumed that your child is being picked up and no bus will be available to them.

You must contact Amy Kalter in the Cherry Lane Academic office to find out if there is a bus available for your 1st-3rd grade child at the 4:15 pm dismissal.  The late bus numbers are different from regular bus numbers so be sure you are submitting the correct information.

Parents of 4th-5th Grade Boys & Girls:

All 4th and 5th graders are to be picked up promptly at 5:15 pm.  It is critical that you arrive on time for pickup as our staff is not available to wait with your children past 5:15 pm.  There is no bus available for the 5:15 pm dismissal.

Pickup Information – Friday (Grades K-5):

ALL Grades K-5 activities take place Friday afternoons after dismissal at NSHA Elementary School. Pick up is promptly at 2:30.


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