Upon graduation, our students become part of a proud alumni community. Our graduates span the globe and across industries. It is a testament to the North Shore Hebrew Academy experience that scores of alumni have returned to Great Neck to send their children to our school. Many of our teachers are now teaching the second generation.

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Interviews with North Shore Hebrew Academy Alumni

Laura Cohen, NSHA ‘85

After graduating from Cardozo Law School in Manhattan, Laura and her husband moved back to Great Neck to give their children the wonderful education that she experienced. She now has four children enrolled in NSHA, and is an active member of Great Neck Synagogue. I wanted my children to get a top academic education in an environment centered on Torah, midot, and ahavat yisrael.

What is your favorite memory from your days at NSHA?

I loved when the school transferred to its new building on Cherry Lane. I felt like I was moving with my family to a new home.

Tell us about a teacher who inspired you.

Morah Lieberman, who taught Chumash, was an incredible teacher. She was very empowering, pushing the girls to excel academically and to bring out the best in ourselves.

How did your experience at NSHA impact you most?

NSHA gave me a love of Torah and Judaism, a wonderful education, a lot of self-confidence, and a foundation for the person I am today.

Daniella Muller, NSHA ‘91

Born and raised in Great Neck, Daniella Muller attended North Shore Hebrew Academy from pre-school until eighth grade. An attorney since 2001, Daniella and her husband relocated from Manhattan to Great Neck when their son, Benjamin, was 15 months old. Daniella is a proud NSHA parent, a member of Great Neck Synagogue, the Vice President of NSHA’s Middle School, and a co-founder of NSHA’s Working Moms’ Committee. “As an alumna, it is incredibly gratifying to be able to send my son to NSHA and watch him have the same positive experiences that I had as a student 30 years ago.”

What is your favorite memory from NSHA?

When I brought my son, Benjamin to his interview for Pre-K, I pulled up to the school, and even before taking him out of his car seat, the principal was there to meet us. From the beginning, there was so much love and warmth shown to my son and that hasn’t changed. When my son leaves for the day, he’s smiling and when he returns, he’s smiling, too.

Tell us about a teacher who inspired you.

Rabbi Sternberg was an incredible teacher and role model. He was by far the most admired Rabbi in our school and without question, the most humble. He was stern yet incredibly warm – and showed tremendous patience with all of his students. From watching him, I learned humility, compassion and the importance of treating people with derech eretz, respect and sensitivity.

How did your experience at NSHA impact you most?

The NSHA community has always felt like an extension of my family. The teachers were supportive and loving, and the friends I met there are still my closest friends today.

We are not just a school – we are a community.