High School, World Languages (Spanish)

Spanish I

Students in Spanish I begin to develop proficiency in listening and speaking the Spanish language. Proper pronunciation is emphasized and students engage in simple conversations. There is extensive emphasis on vocabulary acquisition. Basic grammatical structures are learned and gradually, with the use of authentic materials, they develop the necessary skills for effective and accurate written communication. The culture and civilization of the Spanish-speaking world is explored.

Spanish II

All students who have successfully completed Spanish I are eligible to take this course, which is designed to reflect the main thrust of foreign language instruction: communication. This is effectuated by the continued concentration on the four areas of Spanish language mastery: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The teaching of Spanish II is thematic: vocabulary is introduced in manageable amounts and in meaningful contexts. In addition, one of the foremost goals of students enrolled in this course is to be able to function effectively with the spoken language and to hone their listening comprehension skills. The students further develop their knowledge of the culture and civilization of the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish III

Students continue to develop the four basic language proficiencies in a communicative setting. Emphasis continues to be on the acquisition of an extensive active vocabulary that will enable them to communicate in a wide variety of real-life situations. Spanish language skills are enhanced by written application and reading and writing abilities are polished. Maximum communicative practice is afforded the student with additional concentration on listening skills. Spanish newspapers, short stories, and films are presented to stimulate discussion and reading comprehension. Those students wishing to enroll can take this course for college credit from Adelphi University. Three college credits may be earned. (Adelphi Spanish 121)

Spanish IV

The students enrolled in this course master topical vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and practical expressions on an advanced level. They discuss a variety of contemporary themes gathered from authentic materials, including novels, films, short stories, articles and newspapers. Literary vocabulary is acquired. This course emphasizes aural comprehension and oral proficiency. Those students wishing to enroll can take this course for college credit from Adelphi University. Three college credits may be earned. (Adelphi Spanish 122)

Spanish V

Students take a communicative approach to Spanish language mastery through in-depth literary analysis, and essay and paragraph writing. Students acquire more advanced communicative skills in multiple tenses with an extensive vocabulary base, as well as increased synonym and antonym acquisition. Cultural information is accessed and discussed, Spanish newspapers are  read weekly, and novels, essays and poetry will be studied. Students will be eligible for the AP Spanish Language exam as well as for Adelphi University college credits upon completion of the course.