High School, Health & Physical Education

Ninth Grade Physical Education

P.E. provides the students with an opportunity to meet their physical, emotional, and competitive needs through games, teams, and sports. Instruction will include units covering physical fitness, health, nutrition, flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and team handball.

Tenth Grade Physical Education

Students continue in team sport activities. Weight training and conditioning exercises provide students an advanced opportunity to learn about their bodies and build up to maximum fitness levels.

Tenth Grade Health Education

In this required course, students will learn the impact of nutrition and fitness on personal well-being, quality of life, and longevity. Students will understand and apply the basic principles of substance abuse prevention. The course will include discussions of stress reduction, drug, alcohol, and tobacco issues, communicable and sexually transmitted diseases, and mental health. Students will understand how to acquire and use knowledge and positive personal values that can contribute to a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life. Students will understand the rights and responsibilities of friends and family members and use skills and knowledge to strengthen and enjoy family and community life.

Eleventh Grade Physical Education

Through circuit training, maximum repetition, and constant workouts, students strive to push their bodies to higher fitness levels. All students will also learn the rules and regulations of sports activities and develop an appreciation of recreational skills and leisure time activities. Students will also appreciate the role of vigorous activity in stress management and self esteem.

Twelfth Grade Physical Education

All 12th grade students are to continue physical fitness development. In addition, team strategies are introduced. Students will build on their knowledge of fundamentals of team sports. 12th grade students will be able to design personal fitness programs, and set goals for healthy nutritional regimens. Life management skills, team sports, personal fitness, weight training, and lifetime sports are all part of the 12th grade curriculum.