High School, Co-Curricular Activities


A group of our most promising and committed Israel advocates participate in all activities related to AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Our students join other high school students from more than 130 public and private academic institutions across the country at the AIPAC annual Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit in Washington. They receive intensive training in pro-Israel political advocacy and participate in individual congressional appointments focusing on the value of the U.S.-Israel alliance.  AIPAC’s Early Engagement program provides a unique empowerment vehicle for teens interested in supporting Israel through the American political process. Participation in this program provides student activists with the tools they need to be effective advocates within the political arena and encourages them to make the case for the U.S.-Israel relationship.   Other Israel Advocacy venues offered by NSHAHS include the David Project and our yearly Israel Advocacy Seminar for seniors.

Anti-Bias Task Force

Since we started four years ago, the group has grown from eight members to forty-eight! The goal of our group is to wipe out bias and prejudice in our community and also to be able to recognize where and when bias exists.  The group is very vocal about social injustice, and we discuss different methods to overcome it.


In this activity, students create original spaces, learn how to draw plans, build scale models, and anticipate future architectural requirements for an ever-changing world.


NSHAHS has three bands that meet during the school day.  Each band prepares several pieces for performance at various school events.  During class, emphasis is placed on improvisation, chart reading, chord construction, tone, and ensemble balance.  Repertoire is taken from traditional jazz, pop, and Jewish music.  All instrumentalists are encouraged to audition.

Ceramics Club

AR509 Ceramics: Shaping and Centering Form

Students will learn the exciting and diverse medium of clay, the very substance of earth itself. Instruction will include the history of ceramics, the use of the potter’s wheel, and the properties of glazing and firing. Many techniques involved in creating 3-D and relief forms in clay will be covered—texturing, coil, strip and slab construction, pinch pots, and centering.

AR510 Sculpture: The Art of Adding and Taking Away Mass & Volume

Students will explore a variety of sculptural media in order to have greater knowledge, sensitivity, and understanding of the three-dimensional form. Skill, craftsmanship, and technique will be explored as it relates to personal expression. Sculptural techniques studied will include modeling, carving, casting, and construction.

Chamber Choir

This select group of sixteen to eighteen singers with exceptional vocal, aural, and rhythmic blending ability explore and perform technically challenging classical and contemporary a cappella arrangements. Performance venues include New York City and concert hall events, CD productions, New York museums, inter-school choral festivals, school and community-wide events.

Chess Program

The Chess Team consists of fourteen members who make it through try-outs to successfully make the team. They compete against other schools with seven boards and are serious about winning. Last year the Chess Team won their division in the Metropolitan Yeshiva Chess League and advanced to the championship playoffs. The Team plays against schools from Long Island, New York City, Westchester, and New Jersey.

Open to less professional but equally passionate students of the game, the Chess Club meets weekly to play casually, to learn the game, discuss strategies and practice with the Chess Team. All levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome to participate during chess club hours.

Chidon Tanach

As Jews, we must learn and study the Bible, The Jewish People's richest resource. The Bible is the basis of our existence as a People.  It includes our right to the Land of Israel, it connects us to our past and in it are our hopes for the future. The Bible has laid down the cultural groundwork for the whole of the Jewish people, with all of its diversities, divisions and communities. The study of the Bible increases our students' identity with the Jewish People and their love of the land of Israel.  What better way to encourage students to study and learn the Bible than by involving them in a National Bible competition? And Like the Tanach itself, the Bible Contest brings young Jews from all over the world, uniting them and connecting them with Judaism's longest-lasting contribution to the world.

College Bowl

North Shore's College Bowl team offers bright young students the opportunity to compete in a battle of minds with students from other yeshivot. Students are quizzed in a range of subjects from popular culture to college-level calculus. The goal is to "buzz" in with the correct answer before the other team does, similar to television quiz shoes such as Jeapordy. North Shore has both Varsity and a Junior Varsity teams. In 2014, our Junior Varsity team was undefeated, going on to win the Yeshiva League championship.

Creative Writing

The writing club is an extracurricular activity that focuses on creative writing. Students engage in peer tutorials for academic writing, facilitated by the faculty advisor and student president, focusing on the improvement of grammar, structure, mechanics, flow, content, etc. Similarly, students work together in small groups to wo rkshop pieces of creative writing, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essay, and the novel. In addition to working on personal pieces, students are given writing prompts and creative activities at meetings, and learn specific creative techniques, such as stream-of-consciousness and auditory-based composition. Writing club members participate frequently in regional and national writing contests and engage in local poetry slams and writing events.

Debate Team

The North Shore Debate Team has more then thirty student members. The team is all about developing analytical, research, and public speaking skills in a competive context. Members of the debate team participate in the Yeshiva Debate league attending tournaments at MTA, Ramas, HAFTR, and other schools. In the past, the Debate team has also sent students to participate in a debate tournament held in Dallas, Texas. North Shore debaters have made it to the semifinals and finals of tournaments collecting numerous trophies along the way.


DECA is an international association of high school students and teachers. DECA prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, hospitality, management, and other business areas. Students will compete in local, state, and national competitions, in both individual and team events. Students will also participate in fundraising activities.

Drawing & Painting

AR508  Drawing and Painting

Students will learn the basic foundations of drawing and painting necessary to create successful work. They will take the opportunity to experiment with a variety of media, supplies and materials while learning and utilizing proper technique. Students will be exposed to art history and artists both past and present as inspiration for creating both 2D and 3D pieces of artwork.

Engineering Club

Engineering Club at North Shore is a new and inspiring club. You'll learn how to use C.A.D. to make your mind's eye ideas come to life. You can learn how to build 3-D printed prosthetic hands or have fun with the Arduino and learn how to code. Bring your engineering interests, and you'll be sure to make friends.

Environmental Club

Following up on a fascinating summer workshop on Sustainability and Environmental Education in Arizona this past summer, Mr. Gerard Wykes and Mr. Peter Such mann have initiated a new Environmental Club at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School. A large group of students have jumped in with energy and enthusiasm. Ella Shakin quickly became the Club President and helps to run the club and all of its activities. So far the club has done a beach cleanup, a clothing drive and Skyped with a climate scientist in Morocco. (Scroll down for more on these fantastic events!) There are many more ideas in the works. Students interested in joining the club should look for our posters around the school and listen for announcements about upcoming events. The club hopes to tackle some sizable issues this year involving a ban on bottled waters, a butterfly garden, a recycling program and lots more. Creative input and energy are welcome at all meetings.  It is my hope that from our activities, many of our students will get involved in related science research and related science and environmental competitions.

Equestrian Club

Each school year the Equestrian Club consists of approximately 10-14 members under the guidance of a coach.  Students of all skill levels are invited to learn and enjoy the sport of horseback riding.  The sport fosters the appreciation of nature and individual achievement within a non-competitive atmosphere.

Fashion Design & Sewing

Fashion fun begins with a design idea in the mind's eye. Students learn how to bring those ideas to life by creating original designs and exploring the latest trends, colors, and fabrics. In addition, through the use of illustration students will gain an understanding of how to capture poses, gestures and the way fabric folds.

AR506 Fashion Design

Students will learn the history of fashion design and designers both past and present. They will learn to draw and render designs with emphasis on the figure. Proportion of the model (croqui figure) in relation to clothes, body movement, anatomy, and gesture will be explored. Students will be encouraged to work in a variety of media and materials and will translate concepts into designs and illustrate their own fashion collections!

AR507 Sewing

Master the art of hand stitching techniques to create 2-D works of art. Learn the process of using a sewing machine to make clothing and various accessories. Collaborate with fashion club to make fashion illustrations come to life!

Lindsay Rabson
Chairperson of the Art Department, Instructor of AP Art


With every new year at NSHAHS comes new after school activities. This year, senior Ariel Spielman started a film club.

At meetings, the students review various scripts and many times will watch that scene in the corresponding movie. This allows attendees to see which aspects of the film are shown by the writer and which aspects are revealed by the actors. Other aspects may include watching film clips with and without special effects, illustrating the impressive special and practical effects used in modern movies.

In the future, the club plans to focus on analyzing other TV and movie scripts. Additionally, club members will be given the opportunity to write their own scripts. Members will be taught proper writing format, software, character structure, and dynamics. Furthermore, students will discuss the process of hiring actors, using specialized equipment, and submitting films to contests and festivals. Members will write a short film or 6-11 minute long TV pilot, and then club will vote on a winner. The club intends to host a short film festival for other students to attend.  Is there an Academy Award, Golden Globe or  Emmy in your future?

Foreign Language Enrichment Summer Program

The Foreign Language Summer Enrichment Program allows interested Spanish language students after the first year of instruction to read a “novela” on his/her own a nd to complete a packet of thematic questions and vocabulary exercises. When the student returns in September, the program culminates with a movie of the “novella,” a discussion of the differences and similarities between it and the movie version, and a fiesta complete with a traditional Spanish meal.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a national club where girls learn and study specific aspects of computer science each year and participate in a global impact project. They collaborate with other girls in an environment which fosters confidence and excitement about women in computer science. Let's go girls, and take the percentage of women in computer science to new heights!

Headmaster’s Council

The Headmaster's Council is a committee made up of twelve students, four from the three upper classes, who meet with Dr. Vitow and Rabbi Weinberg on a monthly basis. The meetings take place in a private boardroom where the members of this team discuss matters ranging from upcoming events to dilemmas that face to students on a daily basis. The group works hard by bouncing ideas back and forth among its members and by focusing on issues that will have a positive impact on the school.

Investing Club

Students interested in learning more about investments can participate in the Investing Club. Students will explore, research and discuss all areas of investing including stocks, real estate, bonds, futures, economic trends and advanced investing vehicles and techniques such as options, ETFs, leveraged funds, commodities and futures. Students will also participate in a stock market challenge game. If you're interested in investing, want to play the Stock Market game, learn about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, collectibles and more - then... THIS IS THE CLUB FOR YOU!

Israel Awareness

The Israel Awareness Program is designed for our students to develop a stronger and more solid connection to the state of Israel. The students are active in a variety of projects that are related to the history, culture, achievements and challenges of the State of Israel. The goal of our program is to bring the spirit, emotions, and the feeling of togetherness, all the way from Israel to our school. As the phrase says: "Am Echad, Lev Echad."

Math Research

In Math Research, you'll discover exciting things about new and familiar areas of mathematics, expand upon your existing knowledge of math, as well as further your study with original research! Next, you will develop a presentation and paper that best captures your research findings. The culmination will be presenting your findings at the Al Kalfus Math Fair at Hofstra University where 1500 other math-loving students on Long Island participate annually. North Shore's Math Research program is designed to get students involved and interested leading to a paper being written (for the Intel and/or Siemen's Research Competition) during senior year.

Have you ever thought about where math is applied in the real world?  Do you enjoy answering questions and making discoveries?  Do you want to add value to your college resume?  If you are interested in participating in math research reach out to Ms. Nora Greene today!

Medical Explorers

The Medical Explorers Program, advised by Samrita Chandhok, M.D., aims to give students who aspire to enter the field of medicine a competitive advantage over their peers, as well as to help students affirm their desire to enter the field.  In addition to their strong academics, students who plan on applying for medical schools need to gain practical experience. This is usually done through college volunteer programs at hospitals and health clinics, for which acceptance can be competitive.  The Medical Explorers Program is a fantastic introduction to the clinical world and helps to prepare students for those opportunities.

The group meets one time per week for seven weeks. On any particular day, there are 18 to 24 aspiring medical professionals present. The program focuses on both the theory and practicum of the medical field; the students may be learning the signs and symptoms of conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, concussion, or cardiac arrest on one day, while on the next they may be learning how to take a patient’s blood pressure, check a patient’s lung function with a stethoscope, or how to treat lacerations.

While most of this is done on Campus, on occasion the Medical Explorers will be taken to Northwell Health’s Emergency Medical Institute, which gives students access to unmatched opportunities and experiences.

Medical Minds Club

If you are interested in the Medical Field then Medical Minds Club is for you! As a club member you will have the opportunity to meet with and listen to Doctors and other medical professionals from many different disciplines.

Mock Trial

Interested in law? Good at acting? Just looking to meet new people? Our Mock Trial team has something for many talented students. Whether you're lookingto build a great foundation for law school or hone your skills in communication and public speaking, the Mock Trial team is a great way to get involved. College Admissions Directors consistently rank membership on a Mock Trail team highest of all extra-curricular activities. Mock Trial offers a wealth of experience in public speaking, critical thinking, persuasive writing, logical reasoning in a creative way:such skills are invaluable, regardless of your anticipated major in college. Few other clubs on campus offer the same friendly environment as the Mock Trial Team. Comprised of under 20 people, we have the opportunity to work closely together and to build strong bonds between members. While we do get down to business, there is a fun aspect to working with your friends on a nearly day-to-day basis. Says our captain, "it's something that you can really get into, and actually forget you're doing work.”

Our Team competes both locally and county-wide. Locally, we took first place in a field of six schools at our first annual North Shore Mock Trial Invitational Tournament, held here last November 19th. We look forward to hosting the event again this fall. With regard to the county, we were in the Final Four, competing against the over fifty schools at the Nassau County Bar Association Competition last spring. Coaches are Ms. Liora Ben-Sorek (Director of Legal Education Program, Coach of Mock Trial Program) and Mr. William Muir (Faculty Advisor to Mock Trial, Coach).

Model Congress

Model Congress is a co-curricular program which gives students the opportunity to to engage in a role-playing simulation of the United States Congress. Students can be on any of the Senate or House committees. In addition, students also may participate in a Supreme Court Activity, as well as an Executive Branch simulation. They research and draft legislation which is presented before committee members drawn from high schools across the country.

The Model Congresses are held at the University of Pennsylvania as well as Yale University, where our students not only debate the model legislation they have prepared but also have the opportunity to experience the breadth of campus life.

Model UN

The goal of a Model United Nations committee is to pass resolutions that will resolve the global issues being debated. The goal of each delegate is to have his or her country's interests and objectives reflected in the resolutions. Prior to the event, delegates meet weekly with their team to draft position papers and prepare arguments. The annual YUNMUN conference takes place every February in Stamford, CT.

North Shore News

Answer the following questions:

Do you want to be on the big screen?
Do you have an interest in video editing?
Do you want to use a green screen and other studio-grade equipment?
Do you have an interest in writing scripts?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then YOU should join North Shore News!

Students write, direct, and produce a five minute weekly news show and cover everything from school announcements to the weather, to tension in the Middle-East. A rotating team of writers and anchors keep the show running smoothly.

North Shore Notes

North Shore Notes is our school's electronic newsletter. Updated weekly, it contains articles of interest to the various components of the school community - students, parents, administration, and teachers. Content is proposed by a team of editors who publish potential subjects for the writing staff to volunteer to develop into articles illustrated by photos. The most popular features are "Get to Know", which highlights some member of the school community, "10 Things You Didn't Know About ...", and "Art of the Week".  An embedded copy of NSN, as well as a link to the hosting website, is contained in an email. If you want to "get in the know," request an email subscription.

Novel & Nosh

Reading for fun should be enjoyable as well as intellectually stimulating. The Novel & Nosh Society meets bi-monthly over lunch and a special dessert to discuss a book chosen by the librarian from a wide variety of genres. Participants must commit to reading each book and respecting each other’s opinions during our lively discussions. This club is open to all interested students in every grade.

On the Brink Lecture Series

The "On the Brink Lecture Series" is held at the 92 street Y in Manhattan. Our students have the opportunity to meet with contemporary scientists.  Students are brought into New York by one of our Science teachers to have dinner with a scientist. They are able to ask questions and purchase a signed copy of his or her latest book. After dinner students attend a lecture by the scientist, a lecture  which is often open to the public and is also held at the Y. We have participated in this program since the inception of NSHA HS.

Peer Drug Education Program

North Shore Hebrew Academy High School initiated a comprehensive Drug Education Program in Fall of 2006. The student component is the Peer Drug Educator program. This selective leadership program includes approximately thirty-five juniors and seniors each academic year called Peer Drug Educators.

They receive a formal two-day training program provided by an addiction specialist, held in part at North Shore University Hospital. In addition to contracting to be drug-free, members educate fellow students, parents and the community about the prevalence of drug use and abuse, the associated risks, and strategies for prevention. In addition to monthly meetings, the Peer Drug Educators bring their program to NSHA 8th grade, and the high school 9th and 10 grade students, and are also involved in evening programming for parents. To date they have educated over six hundred fellow students.

Peer Mentoring Program

The high school experience is fraught with many hurdles that students must learn to navigate through both in their personal and academic lives respectively.  One of those issues is the ability to assume responsibility for one’s academic integrity.  When a student feels as if he or she needs a bit more in the way of clarity of a certain subject matter or a review for a test, it is difficult to come forward for help.  At NSHA HS we have been successful in creating a safe learning environment where our students can feel comfortable asking for help.  To this end we formally began our Peer Mentoring Program that allows students who require assistance in one or many subject to get the help that they need from fellow students.  Organized on an administrative level, the program is wildly successful and services close to 80 students in the school.

Poet’s Cafe

The annual North Shore Hebrew Academy High School Poet's Cafe offers our poets, singers, songwriters, and artists an opportunity to be seen and heard.  Students practice and perfect the art of poetic recitation. They prepare and perform original songs along with those written by accomplished artists. It all culminates into a truly unforgettable celebration of song, the literary arts, and most importantly, the individual talents of our students.

School Play
School Wide Shabbaton

For the first time in a long time, the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School organized and ran an incredible school-wide shabbaton. This past December, over two hundred students and faculty members came together at the Honors Haven Resort and Spa to share in a very meaningful and exciting weekend. Thursday night, we began our event with a fun-filled evening at an arcade. The night culminated with a delicious midnight barbeque at the beautiful hotel. Friday, many of us used all of the hotel facilities which included tennis, swimming and basketball. Many others enjoyed a day out to shop at the Galleria Mall or relax at the movies. Saturday night, we were all treated to a professional mentalist and a night out at the bowling alley. Most importantly was the spirit of Shabbat invigorating everyone as the whole school came together as one.

Science Research

The Research Program is for students with a strong interest in conducting research in: Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Science, Engineering, or Technology.  Participating students prepare independent research projects for entrance into a variety of contests including:  the Siemens Competition; Intel Science Talent Search; Long Island Science & Engineering Fair; Long Island Science Congress; Toshiba ExplorVision; DuPont Challenge, Young Naturalist Awards, and others.  Students in this program are encouraged to get involved in summer research positions with mentors at Universities and Research labs.

Science Society

The Science Society does a variety of events related to Science. Anyone enrolled in a science course at North Shore is eligible for membership. There are no dues, no weekly meetings, and no exclusions!

The Science Society arranges events that touch upon interests in science and offers these on a sign-up/first come, first served basis to the student body. Ideally, these events and field trips are initiated by and conducted by our students in congruence with their interests and endeavors.

To qualify for ‘Membership in Good Standing’ a student need only to sign-up and attend 3 events per year that the Society posts. These 'Members' may add 'Science Society' to their academic portfolio for portfolio purposes.

It is also noteworthy that Science Society events and functions NEVER take place during formal academic classes and are ALWAYS free of charge.

We bring in fascinating lecturers, take awesome field trips, and maintain a team to compete in the Science Olympiad contest, a day-long competition against other Yeshivas comprising fifteen contests.

Spirit Week

Around Chanukkah every year, the students at North Shore are treated to a fun-filled and meaningful Spirit Week. Each year new activities are introduced to bring everyone together for some big school spirit and Chanukkah giving. One of the most engaging activities is the actual Spirit Day where everyone wears the North Shore school colors and sports jerseys. There is girls' Zumba, a concert, games, a magic show, spiritual lectures and so much more!

Symphonic Choir

The Symphonic Choir is a mixed-voice SATB voice ensemble of seventy-five to eighty-five students. Auditions are required for admission. Music literature includes classical, contemporary and Jewish choral music arranged for 4-voice mixed choir. Performance venues include New York City concert hall events, CD productions, New York museums, Inter-school choral festivals, and school and community-wide events.

The S.T.E.A.M. Club

Welcome to the S.T.E.A.M. Club!

This year North Shore's S.T.E.A.M. will be turning into a state wide Yeshiva-only club for anyone interested in S.T.E.A.M. (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics). The goals of this club are to:

Educate - If you're interested in S.T.E.A.M. subjects, what kinds of jobs could you do? What are these jobs like? Come hear from guest speakers in many different industries about their "STEAM-y" careers!

Introduce - Through lectures, trips and social gatherings, girls and anyone with an interest to learn more, can become exposed to all these fields have to offer. In the process, you'll meet others with like-minded goals.

Inspire - All participants will be inspired to pursue their science and technology passions through college and beyond!

Torah Bowl - Boys

The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School Boys Torah Bowl team competes, on a regular basis, against other modern orthodox schools in a competition focused on the content of various sections of our holy Torah. Along with their responsibilities of textual knowledge, they are also queried on the commentary of Rashi, the foremost and most widely studied of the Rishonim. The intense study, considerable innate skills, and high motivation of team members consistently rank NSHAHS among the top teams in this highly prestigious competition.

Torah Bowl - Girls

The Girls Torah Bowl team is open to all interested students. Every year, the league concentrates on one of the books of Chumash or Navi. Students compete with teams from other yeshivot in four regional areas. There is a competition every month with different schools in the league hosting the meets. Students who are involved in this activity go to practice sessions once a week, but there is a great deal of individual study required as well.


Track Club members (Boys and Girls) meet once per week. Runners at every level are welcome to join. Our goal is for club members to participate in a 5K race. Boys and Girls run together!

Ukelele & Guitar Club

The Ukulele & Guitar Club is in its second year at North Shore, because having some out-of-the-box activities makes school even better. Ms. Patricia Yale, music instructor, started the club last year to share her passion for this unique instrument. Due to its success, Ms. Yale has expanded the club to include the guitar!

Writing Center

Student writers at North Shore are strongly encouraged to explore their creative talents and potential. Through the Writing Center, students are given individualized attention in their areas of strength and interest, whether through a sonnet, a science-fiction story, a research-based essay, or even a novel. Each and every piece of student writing is carefully crafted and edited with excellence in mind. Every year dozens of North Shore students compete locally and nationally, showcasing the fruits of their labor in publications, at dramatic readings, and through competition. Below is a list of contests and publications open to North Shore students on a yearly basis.

  • ASHG Annual DNA Day Essay Contest
  • Ayn Rand Essay Contests
  • Bennington Young Writer's Awards
  • Chapman University Holocaust Art & Writing Contest
  • Columbia Young Authors Writing Competition
  • EngineerGirl! Food Engineering Essay Contest
  • First Freedom Student Competition
  • Foreign Service Essay Contest
  • Gilda's Club NYC Teen Essay Contest
  • JCSB-Cannon Essay Competition
  • John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest Courage Essay Contest
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Creative Minds Contest Letters About Literature
  • Listen to a Life Contest
  • NaNoWritMo
  • National High School Poetry Contest
  • National Peace Essay Contest
  • One Teen Story
  • Poetic Power Poetry and Essay Writing Contests
  • Rider University Annual High School Writing Competition
  • Scholastic/Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Awards
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Poem and Story Contest
  • Signet Classics Student Scholarship Essay Contest
  • Stage of Life Monthly Writing Contest
  • Teen Ink
  • The American Library of Poetry Poetry Contest
  • The DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition
  • The Particia Grodd Poetry Prize
  • The Writing Conference Writing Contest
  • The Young Voices Foundation Writing Contest
  • Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Poetry Contest
  • Weekly Reader Student Publishing Contest
  • Writer’s Digest Writing Competitions
  • Writer's of the Future Contest

The NSHAHS Yearbook is a senior publication given out at the end of the senior year.  A staff comprised of seniors led by the editor works the entire year gathering pictures and other material.  The material is then compiled to highlight the four years the students spent in high school into a beautifully bound book of the collection of fond memories created during their time at North Shore.