High School, Art & Architecture (Media & Graphic Arts Sequence)

Adobe Photoshop: Graphic Design & Digital Photography - Part 1

How is looking through the lens of a camera the same as – and different from – our everyday way of looking at the world? The class will address the art of seeing ,and the desire to find beauty and form through the lens of a camera. Students will learn about the technical processes involved in black and white photography (film, lighting, composition, shutter speed, developing, printing, enlarging, cropping) as it relates to content, meaning and personal expression.

Adobe Photoshop: Graphic Design & Digital Photography - Part 2

The focus of this class is digital design using Adobe’s extraordinary image editing software, Photoshop. Students learn the fundamentals of image editing by utilizing Photoshop’s powerful retouching, modification, editing, and painting tools. Images will be manipulated into digital artworks by utilizing various tools and effects (Movement, Duplication, Resizing, Painting, Adjustments to Contrast, Lighting, Blending, Color Balance, Texture, Layers, Filters, and more). All of these tools and effects will be utilized to intentionally change the appearance of an image for various applications, such as creating original visual reference for an artwork. Students will learn to use the tools in Photoshop from a photographer, an illustrator, and a graphic designer’s viewpoint.

Graphic Design I (Independent Study)

Students are introduced to a wide variety of visual communication concepts and tools. Students learn the fundamentals of typography, design, and layout using traditional methods and digital media. The course will begin with basic design exercises, which will be reinforced with digital media using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic software.

Graphic Design II: Advertising & Magazine Layout - (Independent Study)

** Prerequisite Graphic Design I

This course will build on the foundations and design principles learned in Graphic Design I. Students will work on more advanced projects for the advertising and magazine industry. They will create ads for products and services, which may include print ads, TV storyboards, posters and promotional items. Students will gain experience in choosing the right headlines and the best font to get their messages across. Students will complete various design pieces, which can be included in a portfolio for admission to college. Students will learn the design skills needed to produce graphics for print, advertising, corporate identity, and other media.