High School, Art & Architecture (After School Clubs)

Fashion Design

Students will learn the history of fashion design and designers both past and present. They will learn to draw and render designs with emphasis on the figure. Proportion of the model (croqui figure) in relation to clothes, body movement, anatomy, and gesture will be explored. Students will be encouraged to work in a variety of media and materials. They will translate concepts into designs and illustrate their own fashion collections.


Master the art of hand stitching techniques to create 2-D works of art. Learn the process of using a sewing machine to make clothing and various accessories. Collaborate with the fashion club to make fashion illustrations come to life.

Drawing and Painting

Students learn the basic foundations of drawing and painting necessary to create successful work. They experiment with a variety of media, supplies and materials while learning and utilizing proper technique. Students are exposed to art history and artists both past and present as inspiration for creating both 2D and 3D pieces of artwork.

Ceramics: Shaping and Centering Form

Students learn the exciting and diverse medium of clay, the very substance of earth itself. Instruction includes the history of ceramics, the use of the potter’s wheel, and the properties of glazing and firing. Many techniques involved in creating 3-D and relief forms in clay are covered—texturing, coil, strip and slab construction, pinch pots, and centering.

Sculpture: The Art of Adding and Taking Away Mass & Volume

Students explore a variety of sculptural media in order to gain greater knowledge, sensitivity, and understanding of the three-dimensional form. Skill, craftsmanship, and technique are explored as they relate to personal expression. Sculptural techniques studied include modeling, carving, casting, and construction.