High School, Bechina

Accelerated Bechina Yerushalmit Program

NSHAHS offers an advanced curriculum typically studied in the 10th and 11th grade that empowers our students to succeed in the prestigious Bechinat Yerushalmit administered by Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This exam is recognized by many colleges and universities for official credit.

The curriculum includes Tanach, Mishna, tefilla, and Jewish philosophy, as well as medieval and modern Hebrew literature. It encompasses fundamental classical texts that cultivate a well-rounded knowledge of Jewish formative writings. Students study both narrative and poetic Biblical sections and delve into textual analysis. The sections of Mishna provide a background and familiarity with the Jewish oral tradition, Torah Sheba’al Peh. Medieval Jewish philosophical texts challenge students to think and better understand their Jewish identity, and classical and modern Hebrew literature connect our students to our rich history and to the Hebrew language. This course of study deepens the bonds with our Jewish homeland, Eretz Israel, and students emerge with a profound appreciation and meaningful understanding of their Judaism.