Digging into our Research Skills

By Naomi Fredman, Director of Educational Technology

Students at NSHA develop proficient research skills which spiral up through both the Judaic and general studies curriculum.  Recently, grades 3, 4 and 5 completed research assignments which coincide with February’s national holiday, Presidents Day.

Our Third Graders read biographies about famous Americans.  During library time, students used our library catalog to self-select a biography book.  After reading the book, students completed a list of questions about a famous person. Students typed their notes into a Google Doc.  These notes were then compiled into cohesive three-paragraph reports which will be presented at a very special program for our Third grade families.

Fourth Graders focused on American presidents.  In Social Studies, Ms. Goldsheid’s class completed a Revolutionary War unit detailing the heroic Spy Ring of General George Washington. Cooperative groups read textbook passages highlighting the major contributions of  members of the Spy Ring.  Each group completed a Google Slide presentation tracing the spy’s route and the secret message he passed along. Students will present slides to classmates.  Ms. Sutton and Ms. Perlman’s classes used a variety of websites to find relevant data about a U. S. President.  After filling in note-sheets, each student wrote a cohesive report about a President which were submitted through Google Classroom.

Earlier this year, the Fifth Grade read articles and watched a brief video on the election process. Working in pairs, students compiled notes, listing the differences between the Electoral College and Popular Vote.  Students used their detailed research to complete a Google Form, surveying student understanding of the election process.

We want to recognize Ms. Silberman, our librarian, and our teachers, Ms. Fizitsky and Ms. Schwartz (Gr. 3), Ms. Goldsheid, Ms. Perlman, and Ms. Sutton (Gr. 4), and Ms. Cesiro, Ms. Perlman, and Ms. Stephens (Gr. 5) whose combined efforts allow our students to reach their research potential!

Check out our short video detailing the process by visiting our NSHA EdTech YouTube Channel.  Click here