Floating in Salt Water and Above New York City

We had a very exciting week last week!
On Sunday we got together with all the other Bnei Akiva Shlichot from New York and New Jersey and we had a great time sharing our different activity ideas that we are working on in our schools.  We also took a trip to the Empire State Building and the view of the city below us was unbelievably beautiful!
Later that day we took a walk down 5th Avenue enjoying the snow & light shows!
After charging with renewed energy for the week, we continued our lessons about Yam Hamelach and team work in Cherry Lane.  We had a great time teaching the kids through experience and experiment that we can float in Yam Hamelach!  We demonstrated this through a simple science experiment.  We filled two jars with water.  One jar was pure water and the other was saturated with salt.  We added an egg to both jars.  Can you guess which egg floated?  We also played a teamwork game demonstrating that each individual is important to the success of a team.  Ask your kids about it!
At Old Mill Road we had the honor of teaching our students about Ethiopian Jews and the “Sigd,” holiday, a very important and interesting subject that was completely new to most students.
We also had a very exciting Yom Huledet celebration for Rachel! Her grandparents came all the way from Brooklyn to celebrate with us!
We’re looking forward to another great week at NSHA!