Morah Susan Lieberman, Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher

Morah Susie Lieberman, Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher

“I love helping my students feel positive about Jewish learning.”

For over forty years, Morah Susan Lieberman has shared her love of Jewish textual study with her students, encouraging them to ask questions and seek explanations. She guides her students in feeling comfortable in exploring a page of Hebrew and finding the answers to age-old questions from the source.

At her popular after-school all-girls’ Mishmar class, Morah Lieberman and her students analyze Jewish texts about women in the Tanach, including Chava, Sara, Ruth, and Esther, as a springboard for important discussions about religion. While sitting around a table and eating snacks, the students ask questions about Hashem, mitzvot, and what it means to be a Jewish woman.

In her weekly grade-wide lessons, Morah Lieberman sheds light on the significance of different tefilot and emphasizes the importance of having a relationship with Hashem.

“I want my students to know that Hashem chose us and that that makes us very special. We should feel Hashem’s love and be proud of who we are.”