Art & Architecture

The study of art is the exploration of human creativity. Art students leave the classroom not only with an appreciation of art, but also with a sense of empowerment because they have learned to become creative, original thinkers. Students see, feel, think, make aesthetic choices, explore a variety of media and self-evaluate as part of the studio experience. Higher level courses explore diverging interests. The search for original concepts, the integral development of technique and observational skills, and the cultivation of a respect for the elements of art and principles of design all foster a sense of limitless artistic possibilities for our students.

The curriculum strives to be extensive and varied. There are courses for both non-art major students and those who seek to specialize. Our introductory classes will include foundational multi-media experiences in the elements of art (Elements: Line, Shape, Space, Color, Texture, and Pattern) and principles of design (Principles: Balance, Unity, Rhythm, Proportion, Color Interaction and Relationships). Specialized classes will include Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement Studio Art, Fashion Design, and Architecture.

Our curriculum accommodates students’ varied interests and art industry trends, providing our students with the ability to engage higher-level problem-solving techniques and develop fine-tuned technical skills. Upon completion, they will be able to produce professional grade portfolios and meet the admissions criteria of the most selective art schools. Our many goals will be achieved by an integration of four components in every course offered in the art curriculum: the Creative Component, the Critical Component, the Cultural and Historical Component and the Artistic Philosophical Component. Courses in the various areas are sequential in nature. Assessment is accomplished through teacher evaluation and student participation.

Course Descriptions

The Open Studio

The Open Studio Policy affords extra studio time outside of scheduled art classes. Students from the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades use our Open Studio Policy to continue artistic pursuits or projects. These projects are either art course-based, a personal independent study [SN1], or college portfolio development.

The Open Studio Policy enables students to develop a strong, independent work ethic and essential time management skills while earning extra credit points toward their scheduled art classes.

[5 Days Per Week]

After School Art Clubs

Students are exposed to a wide variety of introductory courses in NSHAHS’ After-School Art Clubs, which are available to all students grades 9 through 12.These courses are available after school in the Art Studio, four days a week (Monday -Thursday), from 4:45pm to 5:45pm.

Courses include:

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Fashion Design
  • Sewing
  • Architecture
  • Digital Photography
  • Sculpture, Stained Glass
  • Jewelry Making
  • Book Illustration

In each course, students will learn and explore the basic elements of art (Elements: Line, Shape, Space, Color, Texture, and Pattern) and principles of design (Principles: Balance, Unity, Rhythm, Proportion, Color Interaction and Relationships). By joining each after school art course, students will dramatically improve their creative development as the skill sets learned and acquired in each course overlap and enhance one another.