Find your voice – and keep up with the rhythm – in NSHA’s music classes!

As our students listen, play, and perform, they appreciate the beauty and power of music. During interactive and engaging lessons, they learn how to take music seriously as an art form – and how to have fun and be creative through song and dance!

Students learn how to identify the names and sounds of instruments from all over the world, listen to the symphonies of famous composers, and sing and play along to popular modern and Jewish material. They develop their unique singing voices, sing smoothly and on pitch, and gain an understanding of rhythm and tempo. Beginning in second grade, every student learns to read and write music as they play the recorder, eventually moving on in middle school to more complex instruments such as the keyboard or ukelele.

In each unit, students learn music skills that will also serve them well in real life. When reading music, they train themselves to always look ahead and think about what is coming next. As they dive into new songs, they learn the importance of going slowly at first to give themselves time to become familiar with and confident in the material – before speeding up and playing quickly.

Our Siddur and Chumash Celebrations empower students to display their knowledge of our Jewish texts with song, dance, and celebration! As our students perform before their parents and family members, they grow their confidence and their connection to the Jewish community.