Learning Lab

Our Learning Lab team is a group of faculty members who support students individually or in small groups who need extra guidance or enrichment in either General or Judaic Studies.

The Learning Lab team provides additional support in reading, writing, math, and executive functioning in order to meet the individual needs of our students. Throughout the school year, students who need more support are identified by their teachers and promptly provided with personalized “push-in” and “pull-out” support and differentiated intervention.

In General Studies, our Learning Lab faculty includes certified specialists with deep teaching experience. Specialists work with small groups of students to identify their unique needs and address them with care and expertise.

In Judaic Studies, our Hebrew Learning Lab faculty works with small groups of students to strengthen their Hebrew reading and comprehension skills, and to deepen their understanding of Chumash, Dinim, and Chagim. Teachers are fluent Hebrew speakers with expert knowledge of Jewish texts and many years of experience teaching in both Hebrew and English.