Faculty & Staff


Aviva Adler

Librarian, College Essay Advisor Email

Dr. Victoria Allen

Instructor of AP European History, AP American History, Coordinator of Model Congress Program Email

Orna Amir

Instructor of Hebrew Language & Literature, Coordinator of Israel Awareness Programs, Executive Dean, Dean: Class of 2024 (A-K) and Class of 2026 (K-Z) Email

Lawrence Anderson

Instructor of AP Chemistry and Chemistry Labs Email

Elina Arabov

Staff Accountant Email

Noga Arjang

Instructor of Physical Education - Girls, NSHAHS Class of 2019 Email


Christina Berger

Instructor of Mathematics Email

Meira Berner

Instructor of Tanach, School Programming Team Email

Maria Bock

Science Lab Technician Email

Esther Bodner

Learning Specialist, Assistant Model Congress Coordinator, Dean: Class of 2023 (I-Z) Email

Rabbi Jacob Braun

Instructor of Judaic Studies, Director of Religious Programming Email

Bob Brody

Director of Finance Email

Dr. Dorothy Bruckstein

School Psychologist Email


Davi Carleial

IT Manager Email

Dr. Samrita Chandhok

Instructor of AP Physics, Physics and Anatomy and Physiology Email

Rabbi Yehuda Chinskey

Instructor of Judaic Studies, Chair of the Halacha / Machshava Department, Chess Program Advisor Email

Ishtiak Chowdhury

Instructor of Biology Email

Marina Christodoulou

Registrar Email

Natalie Cohen

Instructor of Hebrew, Art Department Assistant Email


Alexandra Dammacco

Chairperson of the Art Department, Instructor of Fashion Design, Architecture and Pre-AP Art, Dean: Class of 2026 (A-J) Email

Doris Davis

Instructor of Foreign Language, Dean: Class of 2025 (H-M) Email

Hava Douek

Instructor of Hebrew Email


Thomas Elkins

Instructor of AP Biology and Biology Labs Email

David Ethe

Instructor of History, SSSD Coordinator Email


Nancy Farber

Instructor of Health Education Email

Yaffa Farkas

Instructor of Hebrew Language & Literature, Dean: Class of 2025 (N-Z) Email

Avigail Finkelstein

Instructor of Tanach Email

Stephanie Folk

Instructor of AP Art and Pre-AP Art Email


Stacy Gay-Vann

Business Office Staff Email

Rabbi Moshe Genack

Instructor of Talmud Email

Ava Gershon

Administrative Assistant - Educational Office Email

Maria Gjonlekaj

Instructor of Mathematics Email

Amy Glasgow

Instructor of AP Psychology and School Counselor, Dean: Class of 2025 (A-G) Email

Malkie Goldschmidt

Chairperson of the History Department, Instructor of AP Economics, Dean: Class of 2024 (L-Z) Email

Jordan Gould

Instructor of History Email

Nora Greene

Instructor of Mathematics, Math Team Coordinator Email


Lea Hennelly

Instructor of Environmental Science and Forensics Email


Joel Ingram

Director of Driver's Education Program Email


Dr. Jon Jucovy

Instructor of Jewish History Email


Rabbi Daniel Kahana

Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Instructor of Judaic Studies, Chair of the Tanach Department Email

Zvi Klein

Instructor of Music Email

Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Kobrin

Rosh Ha'Yeshiva / Head of School Email

Kleva Kosta

Instructor of Algebra, Trigonometry, AP Stats and Computer Science Essentials Email

Judge Ruth Kraft

Instructor of Law Email

Amy Kramer

Director of College Guidance and Counseling Email

Alizah Kramer

Instructor of English Email

Kimberly Kubik

Instructor of Writing and Study Skills, College Essay Advisor Email


Rabbi Yitzy Laster

Instructor of Talmud and Halacha / Machshava Email

Kohava Lavi

Instructor of Hebrew Language & Literature Email

Danielle Lev

Director of Admissions Email

Michael Levy

Instructor of History Email

Rabbi Barak Levy

Instructor of Judaic Studies Email

Alissa Levy

Executive Administrative Assistant Email


Jeffrey Malis

Instructor of Physical Education, Baseball Coach Email

William Marinis

Instructor of History Email

Dr. Marilyn Maxwell

Instructor of English and AP English, College Essay Advisor Email

Linda Meltzer

School Receptionist Email

Ira Miller

Dean, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School Email

Rabbi Avi Miller

Principal of Judaic Studies, Instructor of Judaic Studies Email

Jodi Mondi

Instructor of Mathematics, Coordinator of Math Lab Email

William Muir

Athletic Director, Instructor of English, Coach of Varsity and JV Wrestling, Faculty Advisor to Mock Trial Email


Dennis Nagel

Dean of Students, Chairperson of Math Department, Instructor of AP Calculus Email

Tali Naor

Instructor of Tanach and Halacha / Machshava, Coordinator of Girls Israel Guidance Email

Rabbi Yosef Naor

Instructor of Judaic Studies, Coordinator of Boys Israel Guidance Email

Susan Newborn

Chairperson of English Department,, School Wide Accreditation Coordinator, Instructor of AP English Email

Yiota Nikolaou

Instructor of World Languages, Dean: Class of 2023 (A thru H) Email


Dr. Guy Okoko

Instructor of Physics Email


Luis Palomo

Director of Building and Grounds Email

Carol Pappas

Human Resources Email

Geri Pepe

AP Coordinator, College Guidance Office Administrator Email


Debra Robbins

Chairperson of the World Languages Department, Director of Academic Advisement, Advisor of National Honor Society, Internship Program Coordinator Email

Vincent Rutuelo

Director of Security & Operations Email


Nikko Santiago

Instructor of Engineering and Robotics Email

Lisa Septimus

Director of Student Life, Instructor of Judaic Studies, Coordinator of Shiryah Email

Sigal Shalom

Instructor of Judaic Studies Email

Sandy Shmuely

Director of Choral Program Email

Eva Solarsh

Instructor of College Accounting & Mathematics Email

Joy Susi, R.N.

School Nurse Email


Rachel Taylor

Chairperson of the Hebrew Language & Literature Department, Coordinator of International Hebrew Language Examination Program, Instructor of Hebrew Email

Rabbi Efraim Tepler

Instructor of Judaic Studies Email

Jesse Torres

Instructor of Band Email


Adriana Vesa

Instructor of Computer Science Essentials and Artificial Intelligence Email

Whitney Vitale

Associate Director of College Guidance Email


Marilyn Wecksell

Instructor of Mathematics Email

Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg

Director of Jewish Education and Experience Email

Rabbi David Weiss

Chairman of the Talmud Department, Director of the Signature Beit Midrash Program, Instructor of Judaic Studies Email

Kiara Whittle

Instructor of Biology, Coordinator of Science Research Email

Robin Wilensky

Certified Teacher, Director of Educational Technology, Chairperson of the Computer Science Department, Instructor of AP Computer Science A and Principles, Advisor for Girls Who Code, Member of the Signature 360 Program Email

Gerard Wykes

Chairperson of Science Department, Instructor of Chemistry Email


April Zabinsky

Director of Writing Center, Instructor of English, Advisor to North Shore Notes, Senior Yearbook Advisor, Assistant Coordinator of Shiriyah Email

Jenna Zelka

Instructor of Tanach Email