“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls it science.” – Edwin Hubble

Scientific discovery begins with a spark of curiosity – and in our equipped science labs, students have the opportunity to build on that spark through exploration, hypothesis, and experimentation!

Dedicated, imaginative science faculty guide their students to grow their real life skills through science experiments. As they test their hypotheses – and test them again if they don’t go according to plan, students learn to practice patience, ask the right questions, and make informed decisions in order to solve problems creatively.

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders do more than marvel at the mysteries of our universe – they put on their lab coats and protective goggles to figure out how it all works!

Our sixth grade students learn about matter, energy, thermal energy, waves, and electromagnetic radiation. They explore electricity and magnetism, atom theory, the periodic table, bonds, acids and bases, and chemical reactions. They also dive into Newton’s Laws as they experiment with forces and motion, speed, friction, and gravity.

Seventh Grade


Eighth Grade

During hands-on experiments and while conducting theoretical research, eighth graders “think like scientists” – staying observant, questioning oddities and mysteries, and diligently researching and experimenting.

In units that cover the breadth and depth of life science and earth science, students learn to think critically and ask questions, take comprehensive notes, and study thoroughly – all skills that will serve them well in high school and for years to come.

Eighth graders don’t shy away from tough conversations. As a class, they discuss the connections and discrepancies between scientific research and Biblical teachings, holding space for teachings from our Jewish tradition next to scientific and mathematical theories of creation and evolution.