Whether they are studying independently, playing learning games, analyzing statistics, participating in scavenger hunts or collaborating on group projects, students learn the importance of mathematics in the modern world.

During engaging, creative lessons, our mathematicians ask questions without fear, explore new concepts, and learn how to make informed guesses and intelligent decisions.

Sixth Grade

Our sixth grade math curriculum continues to build on the strong mathematical foundation built during our students’ elementary school years, with a focus on developing their numeric and problem-solving skills.

Students begin the year by studying whole number arithmetic operations and then move into concepts like dividing by fractions. They study ratios, percentages, and rational numbers including integers and coordinate planes. Significant emphasis is placed on evaluating expressions and equations and analyzing three-dimensional figures and their area, surface area, and volume. Sixth graders finish the year by studying statistics.

Seventh Grade

Our seventh grade students learn pre-algebra concepts, providing the foundation for math education for years to come.

Seventh graders spend considerable time discovering ways to apply what they are learning to their real lives. For instance, when discussing decimals and percentages, they learn how to conceptualize price markups, tax and tip, and statistics. The classroom dynamic is engaging and interactive. By working on collaborative assignments, scavenger hunts, and peer tutoring, students learn how to be team players, speak publicly, and ask the right questions.

Eighth Grade