Students grow their connection to Judaism – and the beauty and meaning of its traditions – and world heritage as they sing, dance, listen, and perform.

Our students get to know the rich history of Western and Jewish music in our dual curriculum’s music program. They sing in Hebrew and English, learn to read musical notation and play an instrument (recorder, ukulele, and keyboard), listen to the life stories of classical and contemporary musicians, and learn to recognize famous pieces of secular and Jewish music. Students feel the music in their bodies while playing listening games, learning body percussion patterns and dance movements, and watching videos and animations that illustrate the beauty and power of music.

As our students grow older and graduate from the music program, they fondly remember their performances, especially if they were part of our choirs – and many of our alumni can still sing the songs they learned many, many years ago! Their memories are colored by a soundtrack of wholesome (and catchy!) Jewish, Israeli and mainstream music.

Our music teachers are professionals in their fields and talented musicians in their own right. They each come to the classroom with many years of experience and unique musical backgrounds – including classical, contemporary, jazz, klezmer, and more – and work together to offer a diverse and engaging classroom experience.