Brush up on your science facts, math stats, or Torah trivia!

In addition to Club Hour every Wednesday during the school day, middle school students have the opportunity to join a variety of after-school clubs and athletic leagues. Co-curricular options available to students include:

E2K (Enrichment 2K)

This club is designed for students who are interested in mathematics and science. The curriculum is inquiry-based and created by the Israel Arts and Science Academy, focusing on activities that require problem-solving strategy and out-of-the-box thinking. Through fun research projects, mind-bending math problems and competitions, puzzles, and challenges, middle school students participating in the E2K program find themselves engaged and ready to take on math and science opportunities in the future.

Math Olympiad

Geared towards students with a strong interest in math, our olympiad team learns how to approach mathematical challenges with strategy, employing problem solving, mathematical intuition, and creativity. The team participates in a series of competitions and games, but the most important goal of the Math Olympiad program is to foster joy and excitement in tackling mathematical challenges.

Torah Bowl

Our Torah Bowl teams undertake an in-depth study of Torah subjects, and then engage in spirited competition with other yeshivot. Torah Bowl cultivates deep knowledge of Torah trivia in a fun and engaging way, and gives students the opportunity to meet and interact with peers from different Jewish day schools.


Students join together throughout the week for extra-curricular Judaic studies learning in our Mishmar clubs. Taught by rabbis, community leaders, and NSHA faculty, these clubs focus on text and commentary learning, as well as stories and customs.

Names, Not Numbers©

This groundbreaking program takes our eighth grade students on a yearlong journey toward understanding the reality of the Holocaust.

Eighth graders research the lives of Holocaust survivors by conducting interviews, filming oral testimonies, and editing the footage to create a professional full-length feature documentary film. During the process, students work with professionals from the Museum of Jewish Heritage, including psychologists, editors, and videographers.

The documentary the students create is premiered to the NSHA community in the spring and archived for future generations in the National Library of Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Mendel Gottesman Library of Yeshiva University, and at Yad Vashem. In addition to the student-created documentary, a documentary filmmaker films the students, teachers, and interviewees throughout the process to create a mini-documentary entitled, Names, Not Numbers: A Movie in the Making

Names, Not Numbers© is truly a transformative experience for our students, and a rare opportunity to delve into firsthand research on the lives and experience of Holocaust survivors – and meet those survivors face-to-face.

This program was founded by Tova Rosenberg. Learn more.