Educational Technology

At the North Shore Hebrew Academy, technology is a core part of our education for students of all ages. Our Educational Technology Team augments the curriculum with digital learning, integrating technology into almost every area of study–from art to science to Navi. Through our STEM initiative, teachers work together to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math across the curriculum.

Our teachers are trained in Google Classroom and Smart Boards, and our school is equipped with Chromebooks and iPads that our students use daily. Under the guidance of our forward-thinking faculty, our students work individually and collaboratively on projects both in the classroom and at home.  Below is an overview of the innovative technology curriculum throughout our schools.

Early Childhood

Our youngest students explore the world of robotics and computer science using our school iPads. They are introduced to coding, and begin writing basic software. They also create photo albums and weekly individualized newsletters. Through Google Slides, teachers project images and shapes into the classroom.

Grades 1-2

Through Smart Board notebook software, students enhance their studies with interactive review games. Teachers project images into the classroom to bring their lessons to life. Our students use iPads for iTaLAM, a new and innovative Hebrew learning software, as well as for coding and robotics activities.

Grades 3-5

Each student receives a Google account, introducing them to the exciting and multifaceted world of Google. With Google Docs, our students learn word processing skills; with Google Slides, they create and give oral presentations; with Google Maps, they chart different routes; with Google Forms, they do assessments; and with Google Sheets, they take notes. Google Classroom enables teachers to share assignments virtually with students, and then to evaluate their work with no paper exchanged. Students also learn how to create and edit videos and music, and gain experience in more advanced robotics and programming. In the annual Maker’s Fair, fifth graders guide the community in creating inventive technologies.

Grades 6-8

Our Middle School students are well-versed in Google Apps, using its tools for their daily studies, like responses to independent readings, as well as to create sophisticated projects, like mapping the path of the Aron Kodesh through Eretz Canaan. Sixth graders learn how to create animations and use technology in the annual Science Fair; seventh graders read and discuss Yadshuf, an online Hebrew newspaper; and eighth graders create Ted Talks, sharing aspects of their digital lives. Students dive into PhotoShop, a photo editing software; SketchUp, a 3D modeling software; and Minecraft, a game that teaches programming. They also learn JavaScript and Python, two advanced coding languages. Our co-curricular AV Squad produces a weekly newscast about key events in the Middle School.

We are not just a school – we are a community.