Our youngest children are welcomed into our vibrant Early Childhood classrooms with warmth and encouragement. Our kind, experienced teachers ease every child’s transition into school with an enriching routine – and lots of love and laughter!   Our Toddler classrooms are led by a head teacher and two assistant teachers.

Our children’s path to independence begins with new friendships and constructive free play, and each child grows intellectually, developmentally, and emotionally through thoughtfully designed art projects, science experiments, storytelling, dance, and more. With NSHA’s integrated curriculum, they also begin to understand the importance of our Jewish tradition as they learn tefillah and celebrate Jewish holidays.

General Studies

Emotional Growth

As they learn and grow in a healthy and secure environment, our toddlers develop a healthy sense of confidence and autonomy.

For many children, this will be their first separation from their parents. Our teachers support children and their families through this new and exciting stage with kindness and expertise. As children learn to trust their teachers and grow their social skills with their peers, they also develop a healthy sense of assurance that “my grown-ups will always come back.”

In our classrooms, children grow into their independence with age-appropriate tasks and choices that foster independence and self-confidence, like putting on their jackets, hanging up their backpacks, and tidying up their own toys.

Language Skills

Language development is accomplished through reading, storytelling, playing, singing, and interacting with each child one-on-one and in small groups. Each day, we get together during ma’agal, circle time, to talk about exciting, age-appropriate topics like the weather, the seasons, the holidays, and our plans for the day ahead.


Our children learn beginning math skills including counting, sorting, and patterning in engaging, exciting ways. They explore sizes, pairings, and context grouping, and the Fundations Counting program.


Children take their first steps into the world of scientific study as they learn about the world around them including cooking and baking, and identifying body parts. Fine motor, gross motor, and hand-eye coordination activities are intertwined throughout the entire curriculum.

Judaic Studies

Jewish Identity

Our children begin to explore the Torah and mitzvot by learning about Parshat HaShavua, the weekly Torah portion, and experiencing Shabbat and Jewish holidays through songs, stories, and crafts. With Chalav U’dvash, an innovative Hebrew language instruction program, our students grow their Hebrew knowledge.

Tefilla – Prayer

Each morning, we welcome the day with tefilla, instilling our children with the knowledge that prayer is a beautifully personal dialogue between them and Hashem.

Additional Enrichment

  • Music
  • SuperSoccer Stars
  • Yoga
  • One on one and group work with our Early Childhood enrichment specialist