In middle school, our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs continue with a focus on age and developmentally appropriate issues that our students might be facing now or in their young adult lives. Students find the right words for the complicated emotions we all face – and gain the skills to handle new situations in school and at home with confidence and empathy.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and child development – the process through which every child gains the knowledge and skills to manage their emotions, feel empathy for others, maintain supportive relationships and friendships, and make responsible and caring decisions. When students take the time to focus on their emotions, reduce their stress, and grow their empathy for themselves and each other, they can thrive in all areas of their lives.

As our middle school students grow and mature, SEL classes help them embrace their individuality and regulate their feelings. Through group conversations, presentations, readings, videos, interactive activities, and art projects, students learn about the reality of drug and substance abuse, how to combat peer pressure and stay true to who we are, the safe use of technology, organizational skills, and how to build strong friendships. Their teachers weave these lessons into classes, connecting and reinforcing its importance in students’ lives.

The SEL faculty at NSHA includes professional social workers with experience in both education and private practice. Our offices are a safe space where students are invited to share their challenges and create solutions.

To reach a member of our Middle School SEL Team, please contact:

Stephanie Genachowski, LCSW
Old Mill Road Social Worker
(516) 487-9163

Dr. Linda Shum
School Psychologist, Grades K-8
(516) 487-8687