Enrichment Program & Learning Center

Enrichment Program

NSHA  offers enriched support to students who excel in their studies. Students can participate in additional courses in reading, math, science, and Judaic Studies. Our extracurricular activities, including homework clubs, literary magazine, debate, and Excellence 2000 (E2K) science and math enrichment enable students to challenge themselves and further explore their diverse interests. NSHA also offers individualized programs in accelerated high school math for gifted students in the Middle School.

Learning Center

At NSHA, we understand that children need differentiated instruction to meet their needs. Our Learning Center is dedicated to supporting students who require extra attention in reading, math, and other subjects. Special Education services are supplied by the Great Neck School district to all students with Individual Educational Programs. Students are also eligible for our own in-school services. Almost 20% of our students receive classroom and small group support in English Language Arts and/or Math. Students are evaluated for additional support based upon class performance, test scores, and teacher recommendations. We maintain constant communication with parents to discuss each child’s Learning Center program and performance.

We are not just a school – we are a community.