What inspired you to give?

During this time, more than ever, we are proud to be part of the North Shore Family and we wish for as many families as possible to be able to send their kids to this amazing school.

A Jewish community is only as strong as its institutions. We owe it to ourselves and our children to continue to support NSHA and to ensure that the Great Neck Jewish Community stays healthy and strong for years to come.

Keep up the good work.
Arie and Alexandra Aboulafia

In memory of Dr. William Helmreich z""l who has led, inspired and guided many of us on the NSHA board for decades. He will be deeply missed but his positive impact will continue to live on in NSHA for generations.
Daniel and Marcy Aharon

We are so fortunate to be able to send our kids to a community school whose academic standards are second to none, but more importantly, a school whose mission is to inspire and impart core Jewish middot to our children.
Lital and Josh Amini

My son is a freshman at NSHAHS and I am so grateful to be a part of such a great community. What inspired me to participate in this campaign is the generosity of NSHAHS. I am very grateful and would like to give back! Especially now, in these unstable times, the true colors of the school, it's staff, faculty, administration, and leadership team have come through and shined so bright!!
The Arama Family

Thank you to all of the faculty and staff for your hard work and dedication during these difficult times.
Isaac '08 and Brittany '09 Aryeh

As an alumni of the North Shore Hebrew Academy this school is part of my soul! I’m so grateful that my children are able to have the same experience that I did as a student of north shore hebrew academy.
Fred and Natasha ‘98 Asher

We are appreciative for the education NSHA provided for our children. We hope this continues for many years to come.
Reuben Askowitz and Rona Woldenberg

In memory of Dr. William Helmreich and Jack Wachstock A”H, who each put their N’SHAmas into making this school what it is today.
Michael and Zehava ‘96 Atlas

In gratitude to be a part of a yeshiva community with an administration and staff that has been completely dedicated to our children's safety and education during this crisis and always.
Noam and Bella Baruch

This school, the faculty and staff, administrators, parent body and most of all the students have a huge “neshama” and I feel grateful to be a part of such a community, especially during these challenging times. I am especially thankful to my partner and my kindergarten team who have shown how team work does in fact makes the dream work!
Leehee Baruch

I'm proud to teach and be involved in our wonderful middle school!
Simon '96 and Batya Basalely

Giving back to the yeshiva, whenever the opportunity arises.
Arun and Sharleen Bassalali

We would like to thank all the Teachers and Administrators who have so patiently and expertly guided our children to/in their new on-line learning environment. Yasher Koach! Thank You!
Bart and Emma Baum

I am blessed to be a part of the NSHA community and to work with such amazing students and staff.
Liora Ben-Sorek

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”- William Arthur Ward
Thank you North Shore Hebrew Academy for inspiring our children each day and for staying positive and supportive during this time.
Joseph and Stephanie Bendrihem

Our sincere gratitude to all the educators and staff -stay well & stay safe!
Steven and Robyn Blumner

Thank you for all you do for our children.
Michael and Racheli Brandsdorfer

I am giving in honor of the amazing faculty members of our NSHA family who succeeded in bringing education to our students’ homes within 2 days of the school closure. And to our administrators and parents for their continued support and encouragement. Our children are very lucky to be a part of a special community. May we continue to go from strength to strength.
Mayet Brandwein

We feel so lucky to be sending our kids to NSHA, the school Rachel loved being a student at from kindergarten through 12th grade. North Shore Hebrew Academy is not just a fine Yeshiva, but it is also a warm and nurturing family that we are So proud to be a part of!
Rachel '06 and Yaacov Brecher

Thank you NSHA for being there for our family and community.
Arnold and Viviane Breitbart

I am so grateful to all of the staff at NSHAHS for coming together during this difficult period of time and making our students feel connected both spiritually and emotionally. It takes a village to work remotely and this has been a challenging time for us all. Thank you to all of the teachers at NSHAHS for always being so supportive and wonderful. I am so blessed. May you all be healthy and strong.
Michael and Madeline Brisman

The ability to give back to the community and the Yeshivah that I attended and had such an impact in my life.
Hal ‘75 and Debbie Chadow

In memory of, and with gratitude to, the great educators and leaders we lost this year: Fred Lewis z"l; William Helmreich z"l; and Fay Levine z"l, an inspiring teacher and devoted great-grandmother to DJ Cohen (Toddler A).
Adam ‘93 and Naomi Cohen

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to show my appreciation to NSHA for all that has been done to ensure continuity of learning during COVID-19. NSHA’s focus on meeting the needs of each individual student in a warm and supportive environment, while providing an excellent academic education, makes our community school standout during the best of times, but even more so during these difficult times. As an alum and current parent I am very proud to be a part of the NSHA family!
Elie and Laura '85 Cohen

In honor of my Grandmother Florence Cohen who passed away last month. May the teachers and staff of NSHA continue to educate our children so that they can lift the spirits of all the loved ones that were lost.
Joey and Randi Cohen and Family

We love being part of the NSHA Family. The administration and curriculum is outstanding and the children are thoroughly engaged on a daily basis.
Jonathan and Danielle Danoff

As an alumni it’s my pleasure to help those in need to an institution that I personally have been Involved with for many years. I will have a grandchild attending the school this fall and can not imagine her not being able to attend due to financial constraints. We all must help others during these trying times!
Bruce Decter and Susan Beretz Decter '80

We feel blessed that our children are able to attend NSHA. Thank you to all the teachers and administration who have made the transition to this new way of learning easier. We can’t wait until we are back in cherry lane and able to feel the love in those hallways!
Arash and Jessica ‘98 Dilmanian

Harold and Lorraine Domnitch

Desiree Dror '04

We are grateful to the amazing community of educators doing their best for our kids now and always.
Diana Elyahou

One of the silver linings of quarantine has been the opportunity to witness the magic that transpires in a North Shore Hebrew Academy classroom. We will never forget the way our children’s teachers seamlessly transitioned to a virtual classroom, giving them the stability and routine they needed during a very tumultuous time. Though we can’t wait for our children to go back to their desks, we will continue to enjoy the benefits of having Torah and secular studies echoing throughout our house on a daily basis. Thank you to the educators of NSHA for your extraordinary dedication.
Andrew and Sara '93 Feldschreiber

NSHA is so much more than a school. It’s our extended family. We are so proud to be NSHA parents. Our kids demonstrate every day how they incorporate the core Torah values our amazing faculty impart to all our children. We all have so much to be grateful for.
Akiva and Sharon Fishman and Family

In memory of Dr. William Helmreich, z’l, who loved our school and served it with distinction for over 40 years. His leadership, wisdom and guidance helped make NSHA the outstanding educational institution that it is. He will be sorely missed.
Arnie & Kathy Flatow

As graduates of NSHA, we are thrilled to be educating our daughters at the same nurturing institution in which we grew up. We are inspired by the dedicated early childhood morot and the curriculum rich in midot, love for Israel and the Chagim. It’s truly special to be a part of the NSHA community.
Daniel '88 and Shoshana '93 Flax

Every memory is a fond one. We feel grateful that we can date our relationship all the way back to high school. Please take care of the incredible staff and faculty that make the school what it is.
Itamar and Jennifer Futterman

We are proud to be part of the NSHA community. Our 4 children are lucky to be a part of this amazing yeshiva! The faculty and administration have gone above and beyond for our school during this uncertain time. We are blessed and happy to help and give back to our community!
Emil and Lorraine Ganjian

Nadav and Katie ‘04 Geft

We are so proud to be part of the North Shore Hebrew Academy Family. Thank you to all of the faculty and staff for your hard work and dedication. Hope to see you back in the building in the September.
Mark and Robyn Gelberg

Cayla Ghassabian has grown so much since she started at NSHA and my wife and I couldn't be happier. Hats off to all the staff and faculty that make everyday at NSHA a pleasure and joy for all the students. Proud Parents,
Sammy and Polina Ghassabian

In memory of the brilliant Dr. William Helmreich. We will always remember him for his dedication to our community and his ability to connect with everybody. He is forever in our hearts.
Joshua and Kathy Gold

We are grateful for the education our children received at NSHA. We are now blessed to have our grandchildren attending and are proud of our daughter who returned as an NSHA teacher. May we all remain healthy and get through this difficult period together. We mourn the precious lives of those that have been lost.
Mark and Sandy Gold

Mark and Beth Goldman

So grateful to NSHA for all the school, administration, and faculty does for our children.
Sol ‘92 and Talia Goldwyn

In loving memory of Belle & Solomon S. Goldwyn, Founders of the North Shore Hebrew Academy. As a graduate, former teacher and parent of 3 North Shore Graduates the Academy is part of our family and a key player in the continuity of Jewish education in the Great Neck Community and metropolitan area.
Sharon Goldwyn '66

Cobby and Rachel Gorjian

Justin and Eliana Gorjian

We are so proud to send our children to NSHA, and are so thankful for this warm, welcoming, and resilient community. We thank all of the teachers, staff, administration, and leadership for guiding us through this very difficult time.
Matthew and Hannah Gorski

During these difficult times, we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. Our girls miss being in school with their friends and constantly talk about who they are going to see and the things they can't wait to do when they go back. Remi and Olivia's teachers have been so wonderful and patient, especially when trying to keep toddlers in front of the screen for an extended period of time. We so appreciate all the hard work and effort that the teachers, faculty, and staff have put in to make the online learning experience so enjoyable. We hope that many other students will be able to enjoy the learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, that our children have. Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication.
The Grauman Family

Martin Griffel and Amy Fox Griffel

"Good Morning Teddy, Good Morning Class KD of NSHA!” Our son looks forward to these words each morning from his wonderful teachers. As a new family in Great Neck and new members of the NSHA community, we have been extremely impressed and thankful for the tremendous love, care, academics and efforts the school and teachers have been providing. We all miss driving up to school every day and seeing the faculty and friends, but we look forward to the days ahead where we can all be together again and we can see the smile on our son’s face after a day at school.
Tal and Annie and Hacohen

NSHA is our link to this community - we simply can’t imagine a world without it. We are so proud to be associated with NSHA for all that it symbolizes and its contributions. Thank you.
Charles and Doreen Hadid

Brian and Brenda Hakimi

Very proud to be part of the NSHA family.
Byron and Jamie Hakimi

May HaShem guide us on the way to knowledge, wisdom and tzedaka.
Farhad and Marina Hakimi

Omid and Daniela Hakimi

Jewish education is the cornerstone of our faith, and one of the greatest investments one can make in their child. For many decades, NSHA has been instilling our children with moral, religious, and ethical teachings, helping to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people. As a former student, and a current parent, I have witnessed the NSHA staff, faculty, and boards gone above and beyond the call of duty for our children. G-d willing, I look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor for many years to come.
Michael ‘97 and Sadie Hakimian

I began my NSHA journey in Kindergarten, and completed it as a member of the very first graduating class of NSHA High School in 2004. NSHA means the world to me and my family. My father, William Helmreich, z""l, lovingly dedicated decades of his life to the betterment of this school. It is in his beloved memory that I make this donation.
Joshua and Deborah (Helmreich) '04 Halpern

We are all in this together and North Shore Hebrew Academy has gone above and beyond during this challenging time. We could not be more proud to be part of the NSHA family.
Jason and Karen Hammerman

With the hope that our children and the entire Jewish community always feel connected to NSHA and United with each other.
Aryeh and Jessica Hauptman

In memory of Dr William Helmreich Z”L. In honor of the school's commitment to excellence in Jewish Education and Hakarot Hatov! Proud to be a part of this excellent yeshiva. Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach!
Jonathan ‘94 and Stefanie Hazghiyan

Erica Zucker Heisler and Eliot Heisler

We are thankful to the wonderful teachers who worked so hard to complete the school year virtually.
Mark and Marti Heller

NSHA meant so much to my beloved husband, Willy, z”l and to our whole family. G-d grant us all strength and healing in this terrible time.
Helaine Helmreich

NSHA has been a second home for Bobby and I since we were little kids. It’s a privilege to watch our kids learn in the same classrooms that gave us our Jewish education as well.
Bobby '96 and Melanie '06 Hematian

We were both so lucky to attend North Shore. We both bonded over our love for the school and all of the friends that we made. Although we didn’t meet at North Shore, it brought us together. We are so grateful that we went to North Shore and we hope that other students can have the same experience.
Scott '10 and Zoe (Kirshenbaum) '14 Hercman

NSHA is our community school and part of my family for over 50 years! Fondly,
Debbie Sokol Hollander '79

L’dor v d’or - succinctly sums up meaning and purpose in celebration, education, and getting through challenging times.
Myra Honig

Thank you for always being there for our family NSHA and thank you to all the teachers for stepping up to the challenge so quickly!
Adam and Didi Hutt

Erran and Lisa Kagan

Jewish education of our children is most important for the continuity of the Jewish People and thank you to Daniella Muller for such great leadership.
Leslie Kahn

Hope we all get through this in one piece. Hope all the faculty and staff get through this tough time and get back to work soon. Looking forward to our kids being able to enjoy the physical presence of their teachers and friends soon.
David and Deborah Kamali

Ramin and Judith Kamali

Thank you for all for you have done for our children during this time of remote learning. Chag Samaech to all.
Daniel and Chana Kamelhar

For the amazing education you are giving our grandchildren during these difficult times. Thank you.
Glenn and Luisa Kamelhar

NSHA has always been like a second home! As a former student I can remember beautiful school memories etched into my mind that will live on for the rest of my life. My teachers and friendships made will live on forever. Let’s join together and continue to help our beautiful school grow, and give our children the same memories.
Jonathan and Charlotte ‘06 Kashanian

Thank you to our amazing NSHA family for keeping us so close even during such a pandemic. We truly have wonderful teachers and administration. Thank you for everything you do for our children.
Farzan and Anita Kashimallak

I am grateful to NSHA for being a rock to the community during difficult times.
Jason Katz '12

NSHA’s mission is even more important in these difficult times and we are happy to stay involved in it’s mission and community.
Michael and Jamie Katz

As hard of a time it is now, we will get through this together!
Jeffrey and Daniella '08 Kirshner

We are joining the Kol Ha’NSHAma campaign in continuation of our long time association with the North Shore Hebrew Academy and the Great Neck community. We were privileged to donate a Torah in memory of our parents when the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School opened its new building. Though we have not had a direct family connection with N.S.H.A. in fifteen years, we are inspired by our children and grandchildren to stand with those who are committed to keep our faith, learning and community strong through the highest standards of excellence in education.
Robert and Sydelle Knepper

We are inspired by all our teachers, our administrative team, and our Ed Tech team. You all go above and beyond!
Michelle and Jeffrey Kobrin and Family

דע מאין באת ולאן אתה הולך
One must always remember his past and where he comes from in order to adapt for a successful future. Thank you NSHA.
Ariel ‘10 and Tehila Kohanim

As an alumni and now parent in North Shore Hebrew Academy, I believe the education our amazing yeshiva offers to our children is the single most important investment we as parents can make!
Adam '07 and Naomi Kordvani

NSHA has been a huge part of our family for over 35 years. We are grateful that our second generation has continued the tradition. The teachers and staff from top to bottom are amazing and doing a wonderful job with their zoom sessions during these difficult times. Thank you to all who give so much of themselves to our community and our youth. We appreciate you more than you know!!!
Ronnie and Jennifer Kordvani

School has been wonderful for my children.
Greg Kramer and Tami Secunda-Kramer

Daniella Kreiger '98

The years I was privileged to spend at NSHAHS we’re instrumental to my growth, I could only hope others have the same opportunity.
Robert Lavi '11

Donation is in memory of Solomon Isaac Leibowitz.
David and Renee Leibowitz

Thank you for educating our children in Lemudei Kodesh, providing a caring, loving and excellent learning environment. Everyday I see our children among all the others learning and growing. We are grateful for all the outstanding work of all the teachers especially during these times!
Steven and Michele Leybovich

Our sincere gratitude to the teachers and administration for working so hard under unfamiliar circumstances to continue to give our children an incredible education and sense of community. Thank you!
Matthew and Karen Livian

Joshua and Barrie Lev

Arthur and Randi Luxenberg

Our kids continue to grow at NSHA every day and we are incredibly proud of how our community has come together. Thank you to all of the teachers!
Alex and Allie '07 Luxenberg

איזה חכם הרואה את הנולד
Who is wise? One who sees the future
With much appreciation, I salute William Helmreich and Jack Wachstock who planned for the next generations by devoting their energies to Jewish education May their memories be a blessing for us all.
Tina Machnikoff

We chose NSHA to be part of the foundation of our children’s education and we couldn’t have made a better choice. We are proud of all the educators who have adapted and put our children first to give them the tools to thrive even in hard times. Now more than ever we need our community to come together and support all those who have struggled during this time. We feel blessed to be a part of a community that is willing to do whatever they can to help those in need.
Fanyelle & Jonathan Mael

From our current home in Efrat, Israel, it is our honor to help support NSHA which had been our Great Neck home for so many years.
Ron and Michal Malen

NSHA has done a tremendous job during this very difficult time. We are grateful to be able to send our children to such a wonderful school.
Zachary and Maxie Marans

Contributing so that every child has the chance at a wonderful Jewish education close to home.
Jane and Jordan Marks ‘07

NSHA has exceeded our expectations during this difficult time. Our children have felt connected to their teachers, friends and their continued learning. In a time of tremendous uncertainty, the school has given us stability, structure, and support which is why we feel strongly about contributing to this campaign.
Joshua and Tovah ‘93 Marmer

There’s no better way to honor our 2 graduates than by supporting a community school that has always supported us!
Zachary and Yifat Mittleman

On behalf of the Moghadasian Family we'd like to thank the school faculties, especially the teachers that have worked so hard to get our children through this school year during these unprecedented times.
Dror and Deborah Moghadasian

My gift is made in memory of William Helmreich z"l and in honor of all the former NSHA Presidents and lay leaders, who worked tirelessly to make NSHA the incredible yeshiva it is today. This group taught their children -- by example -- the importance of community involvement and the meaning of communal responsibility. We must now do the same.
Daniella M. Muller ‘91
As alumni and parents of NSHA, we feel a true connection to the school and have an appreciation for its faculty, education, and the values instilled in its students. We are grateful to send our daughter Emilia to the same school we attended. During these difficult times, the teachers and administrators quickly adapted and provided her with uninterrupted learning. This inspired us to join the Kol Ha'NSHAma campaign; to give back to the community and Yeshiva that has given us so much. We are proud to be part of the NSHA Family.
Ariel '00 & Nadine '11 Nassim

As Elliot is an alumnas and had a very positive experience at NSHA, he wanted our children to have a similar strong Jewish background and wonderful experience. We are proud to be a part of the NSHA family.
Elliot (‘99) and Blanche Nassim

We are prouder than ever before to call NSHA our family and our second home. Our kids cannot wait to go back. A big thank you to everyone.
Oliver and Jasmine ‘96 Nassimi

Thank you to all the teachers for adapting so quickly and working extra hard to keep our kids engaged. We are very grateful to be part of the school.
Michel and Lauren Nematnejad

Thank you to NSHA for providing the tools our kids need to continue to grow, learn, and stay connected to each other and our community during this time.
Benji and Shira Neren

The NSHA Sunshine Fund supports all the hard work the teachers, staff, and children do everyday. Wishing everyone to stay healthy and safe.
NSHA Sunshine Fund 2019-2020

Thank you to the teachers and the administration at NSHA who keep our son engaged in Torah learning and provide a sense of community during this challenging time.
Steven and Erica '00 Parilis

I’m so lucky to be able to say I’m a staff member at NSHA. My daughter graduated from NSHAHS in 2018. The feeling of family, community, and friendships will be forever within us.
Lisa Parker (Izhak and Leor BenAmi)

We are so proud of NSHA and everyone who has been working so hard to transition the school to a remote environment allowing our children to continue learning and stay connected!
Adam and Stacey Rapp

Thank you to all the teachers
Grant and Galit ‘88 Reichlin

We are so proud to be part of the NSHA family! Thank you to all the teachers, administrators, and staff for working so hard during this difficult time. We truly appreciate you!
Mikey and Aviva Rosenberg

Kol Hakavod to the school, its administrators and its teachers for stepping up in such an extraordinary way during such extraordinary times!!
Steven ‘93 and Michal Rosenzweig

Barry and Michelle '77 (Schallamach) Rubin

I have never been more proud to be a NSHA alumna than I have been these past couple of months. Our faculty and administration have not only worked tirelessly to educate our children without missing a beat, but they have truly given of themselves to provide warmth, stability and cohesiveness to our children during these uncertain times. May they go from strength to strength.
Norman and Michelle '79 Rutta

In memory of my esteemed predecessor, Dr. William Helmreich, z"l, a brilliant educator who spent countless hours focused on bettering NSHA. Willy made each member of our school community feel welcome and special, and set a shining example for all as a true mensch.
Michelle Rutta '79

Every student should have the opportunity to be recognized as an individual and treated as such. That’s what North Shore did for me.
Danielle Ryba '19

We are so grateful to the faculty for their outstanding leadership and enthusiasm while teaching our grandchildren. We sincerely appreciate all of their efforts.
Mark and Dena Salzberg

The NSHA staff really inspired me to give this donation. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of this team of dedicated educators.
Andrew Sandler

We are so grateful to call NSHA our home. Never have our blessings felt more important as they do now. Thank you to everyone you has worked tirelessly to ensure an level of continuity for our children. As parents, we can only hope that our children are as well loved and cared for in school as they are at home. May we always have the ability to come together in trying times as well as B’Simcha. Kol HaKavod NSHA!
Steve and Peri Santodonato

Natanel and Elana Schmuelian

In loving memory of Dr. Willy Helmreich. His dedication and love for NSHA inspired us to send our children there. He was an extraordinary man and will be greatly missed. May his neshama have an Aliyah.
Elliot and Shira Schreiber
Proud to be a part of the NSHA family. In the merit of a Refuah Sheleima for Zecharia Mordechai ben Rena Chaya.

Elliot and Rena Schrier

NSHA has been a wonderful experience for my grandchildren.
Judy Secunda

NSHAHS has done a stellar job in continuing to provide an excellent education to Andrew during the pandemic without missing a beat. Thank you to the administration and all of the teachers for making this happen!
Jeff and Alisa Sender

Thank you for the opportunity!
Ronnie and Paulette Shaban

Bezrat H’ we will all get through this in good health and success
Isaac and Cheryl Shaer

Thank you for keeping NSHA great.
IParham and Natascha Shaer

We give this donation in honor of Morah Susan Lieberman and her incredible 50 years of devotion to the students of North Shore Hebrew Academy. Not only is she a brilliant teacher of Torah, but is a true model for our community of chessed and middot. Both Nadine ‘95 and our daughter Simmy ‘20 have had the privilege of being her students and have been inspired by her Torah knowledge and wisdom. We hope that our community can gather together safely in good health to celebrate and thank Morah Lieberman in the near future.
Josh and Nadine '95 Shatzkes

In honor of the words of Torah learned by our children within your walls.
Ronnie and Lilia Shemesh

We love being part of the NSHA community! Thank you for all the dedication and hard work during these difficult times!
Matan and Nikki Shoshani

To the amazing faculty and leadership of NSHA who truly stepped up during the greatest challenge we’ve all faced. Can’t thank you enough for your diligence, care and dedication.
Daniel and Elizabeth Soleimani

Alan and Jill Sonnenklar

We are so blessed to be a member of the NSHA Community. Thank you to our teachers, staff, administrators, lay leaders, involved parents and donors for making NSHA the most amazing experience for our children.
Yitzy and Rachel Spinner

We wanted to thank all the amazing nsha preschool teachers for the amazing experience they have given our children. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for both genna and Simeon! Thank you!
Ari and Ariella Spodek

Noah '96 and Jessica Steinberg

In memory of William Helmreich, Joe Hyman and Jack Wachstock.
Lynn Steinberg

NSHA truly made me into the woman I am today. I am always thankful that I was able to be a part of such an amazing school that has truly shaped who I am. I still to this day remain friends with my classmates and we have a bond that is so special. Thank you to all the faculty. I’m beyond grateful. If there was a high school back then I would have continued!
Natasha Vardi Tobak'99

In great thanks for the incredible education I’ve received at NSHA. I continue to take so much of what I’ve learned and apply it to my everyday.
David Tradburks and Arielle Kestenbaum 10’

Maurice and Gail Setton

Thank you for helping us to feel a strong sense of community full of ruach during this challenging time! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such devoted educators
Ron and Tiffany Wasserman

When we think about our experiences over the last few months, during these uncertain days, it's NSHA that has provided our family with empathy, structure, love and joy. We couldn't be more grateful to be a part of the NSHA family.
Dov '96 and Lisa Weinstein

I feel so honored to be a part of the NSHA faculty. Compassionate, creative, kind, and resilient, my colleagues are working in ways they never dreamed of, to give their students the incredible education they deserve.
Lisa Weinstein

Aside from my son and I being alumni of NSHA and now our grandson a third generation student we feel an obligation to help out in teaching future generations the importance of a Yeshiva Education of Torah and Midot.
Jerrald ‘62 and Judy Weinstein

NSHA has been my family and my home for over 35 years. It's an honor to be a part of this beautiful community and to be a partner in sustaining its important mission of providing an excellent education and experience to all our children and families.
Seth and Abigail ‘96 Weiss

Our daughter loves the school. We have been so happy with all she has learned there both in religious and secular studies. Thanks to the teachers and staff for working so hard over these last few months of quarantine to maintain continuity for all the kids.
Seth and Sara Wilson

I wish that we all can continue living in health and happiness soon after this pandemic.
Kamran and Jaklin Yahodaei

We're grateful for how NSHA has given our children a solid Jewish education and great values.
Gideon and Loren Yudelowitz

We are grateful and appreciative of the hard work of the administration, faculty and staff during these difficult times. As alumni and parents, we are always proud to support our NSHA family. To quote Masechet Shabbat - "The world exists only because of the innocent breath of schoolchildren". Chag Sameach
David ‘94 and Amanda Zar

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift-that is why it is called the present.
Simon '96 and Candie Zar

In memory of William Helmreich z”l and Jack Wachstock z”l for all they did for NSHA. In honor of Daniella Muller for her continued leadership of our school community.
Bob and Aviva Zausmer

In honor of our grandchildren James, William, Brody and Charlotte Hammerman, Ryan and Jared Parilis.
Helen and Howard Zimmerman

We are incredibly grateful to NSHA for helping our kids continue to learn and stay connected during this difficult time.
Andrew and Jessica Zinaman

NSHA strives for educational excellence, kindness, and helping their community.
Lucy Zucker

This too shall pass.
Steve and Shellie Zuckerman

It was incredible to witness the NSHA Administration and Teachers transition seamlessly from the in-person classroom setting to the virtual classroom setting. Through their dedication, our students continue to receive a strong Jewish and Secular education daily even during these challenging times. We are proud to be NSHA parents.
Glenn '84 and Heidi Zuckerman

We are not just a school – we are a community.