Download the Entire NSHA Calendar

The calendar plugin being used on the NSHA website automatically generates an iCal feed/files for upcoming events, which can then be used to import event information into popular calendar and scheduling applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook, ThunderBird, etc.

iCal Feed Types

All Future Events

The NSHA calendar has one main iCal feed, which is the equivalent to the RSS feed in iCal format. The calendar feed is always located in the same place, which is When you visit this link directly, you’ll be prompted to download an ics file, which you can then open in your calendar program.

Subscribing to iCal Feeds

To subscribe to the NSHA upcoming events feed using another calendar applications, download the .ics file and open it with your favorite calendar application. Some applications allow you to subscribe to remote ical feeds, which then gets updated when events are added; if you want to subscribe that way, you can use the URL mentioned above to the iCal feed.

Example: Subscribing to Events Using Google Calendar

As an example, we’ll show you how to subscribe to our the main NSHA iCal feed using Google Calendar.

Once you have determined the URL of your iCal feed, visit your main Calendar page, and on the left side next to Other Calendars you’ll see a little arrow that opens a sub-menu when clicked.  From there, click Add by URL and submit the iCal URL in the following popup. That’s it!