NSHA Blogs

NSHA’s 1st Battle of the Books

An epic battle of literary proportions…read all about it!

Cross Content Collaboration in Fifth Grade

What do wolves, technology, biomes and fiction all have in common?  Our students are learning just that…

Getting into Growth Mindset

When people learn they have the power to grow their brain and develop their intelligence, they are motivated to try harder, persist when challenged, and embrace opportunities to learn.   Read on to learn how we’re building that here at NSHA.

A New Writing Curriculum Begins at Cherry Lane

Our new writing curriculum will explicitly teach students to write, by building upon skills over time, across grades 1-5.

Many Paths: A Pesach Message from Rabbi Dr. Kobrin

If we truly believe that God stretches His hand, his yad hachazaka, into history, we must acknowledge that we cannot know what will happen next — but the resilience we are able to find right now will carry us through.

Storytelling and Embodying the Values of Dr. MLK Jr.

How can we use the power from within to be a positive force in the world?

Who Was? History Bee Buzzes through NSHA

One student reported reading 65 books to prepare for the competition!

How to Help our Children manage Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are a normal and expected part of being a kid.  Here are tips for managing these emotions with your child.

Personal Finance Club Takes on the Stock Market

Get ready for the future Warren Buffets of America!

The Power of Being Seen

How can a simple hello or high five affect a student’s (or an administrator’s) day?

Spotlight on Pre-K Judaic Studies

Learn how the PreK Judaic studies team uses experiential learning to help their students grow!

A Shabbat and Shavuot Message from Rabbi Dr. Kobrin

It’s very easy to take parents for granted. At a recent Shabbat meal, the kids left the table and the conversation turned to our families.

We are not just a school – we are a community.