About Us

Mission and Vision

Developing a passion for learning

The North Shore Hebrew Academy is a co-educational Modern Orthodox Yeshiva that inspires students to become passionate learners, critical thinkers, and dedicated community members.

By providing a premier General and Jewish education in a warm and nurturing environment, NSHA molds students into knowledgeable and driven individuals. Students are prepared to excel academically and professionally, and to make a powerful impact on their communal and family lives.

NSHA imbues its education with the following core values:

Torat Yisrael: a commitment to and love for Torah, mitzvot, halacha, Medinat Yisrael and Klal Yisrael.

Derech Eretz: respect for, sensitivity to and acceptance of others in thought, speech and action.

Simchat Chayim: an overall joy of learning, innovation and intellectual pursuit.

Achrayut: responsibility and accountability for the Jewish and global community.

We are not just a school – we are a community.