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For over sixty years, the North Shore Hebrew Academy has provided the students of the Great Neck community and surrounding New York area with a premier General and Judaic studies education. Our Modern Orthodox Yeshiva day school serves toddlers through twelfth graders in co-educational classes; our curriculum drives academic excellence, intellectual pursuit and open discussion, support of all learners, and kindness toward others.

Innovation is a top priority at NSHA, and we integrate cutting edge educational technology in the classroom. The impressive offerings of our co-curricular programming engage each of our students’ many interests.

Our diverse student body brings its traditions from Jewish communities throughout the world, adding to NSHA’s rich tapestry. Parents take an active role in every aspect of the school. Today, NSHA is proud to serve over 1,000 students from communities across the New York area.

We are proud that many of our parents attended NSHA and now send their children to the same school that fostered their own steadfast connection to Torat Yisrael and prepared them to be contributing members of society. We are not just a school – we are a community.


We are not just a school – we are a community.