The North Shore Hebrew Academy Middle School is a Modern Orthodox yeshiva day school encompassing grades 6 to 8. Classes are heterogeneous and coeducational. The middle school provides a dynamic learning environment that fosters individual growth, intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, all within a vibrant Torah atmosphere. We help each student develop a personal commitment to a life of Torah and mitzvot in the modern world, as well as imbue a love for the Jewish people and Medinat Yisrael.

From grades 6 through 8, our program for both General and Judaic Studies follows a departmental model. Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically, to explore the world around them and to become independent learners. Our Yeshiva maintains rigorous standards of academic performance and we are proud of our students’ accomplishments. Our teachers are all experienced in providing for individual needs. The average class size is twenty-one students. Remediation and acceleration services are provided in both Judaic and General Studies.

Our Advisory program covers a wide range of issues, including study and organizational skills, wisely navigating social media and the internet, and the issues surrounding the Bar and Bar Mitzvah years. Teachers work as a team to meet each student’s developmental, intellectual, emotional and social needs. We offer a wide variety of co-curricular programs, which reflect our commitment to Jewish values as well as Western culture.

In our Judaic Studies curriculum, which is an עברית בעברית program, we stress a love of learning through the enhancement of textual skills and encouragement of questions.

In addition to our strong academic curriculum, we provide specialty classes such as art, music and computers. Students can become involved in extensive after school programs including mishmar, drama, basketball, and hockey. All of our students proudly participate in the annual New York City Salute to Israel Parade. Our school trips include Shabbatonim, trips in the local and greater New York area, and grade-wide trips to such cities as Boston and Washington.

Our three year, extensive chesed program aims at inspiring our middle school students to care for others and to respect those who are different or less fortunate. Hands-on chesed projects and visits with senior citizens and children with special needs help us achieve our goal. As the students approach their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we encourage them to embrace a chesed project as part of their celebration.
Our Middle School campus is located at 26 Old Mill Rd. in Great Neck. (516) 487-9163