The North Shore Hebrew Academy is a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva Day School. Classes are heterogeneous and coeducational. Embracing the finest aspects of Jewish and Western cultures, we encourage our students to develop a personal commitment to a life of Torah and mitzvot in the modern world, as well as foster a love for עם ישראל, תורת ישראל וארץישראל.

Our professional staff nurtures and supports each student’s quest for academic excellence. We provide our children with a superior Judaic Studies עברית בעברית curriculum with an emphasis on לשון in our Hebrew language studies. Our teachers and staff also place the utmost importance in imparting kindness and good manners in our students referred to as “menschlichkeit.”


Our General Studies curriculum encourages our students to be creative, to explore the world around them and to become critical thinkers. Our teachers are all licensed and experienced. We provide individual attention to each student. There is an assistant teacher in each of our first through third grade classes and part time teaching assistant in our fourth and fifth grades.

It is well known that NSHA prides itself on our ability to bring a rich learning experience and superior academics to our students. Our children participate in science lab, computer, library, art, music and gym. Students in need of extra academic attention get help in our learning center, which is staffed by highly experienced professionals. We are proud of our staff and of our children’s academic accomplishments. NSHA offers wonderful chesed and holiday programs designed to enhance our students’ learning experiences.

Our program develops a love for learning in each of our students. We foster enthusiastic and independent learning. The Academy recognizes that each child is unique. We provide a student with the individual attention that leads to his/her success and self-confidence. We encourage children to develop their intellectual, emotional, physical strengths and talents. The NSHA is a nurturing and exiting environment for our students to blossom and develop into fine individuals. Our goal is for children to be proud of their Jewish and American heritage and to develop a commitment to תקון עולם.