Early Childhood is the foundation of a child’s academic and social success. Our primary goal is to establish a foundation of learning in a warm, nurturing Jewish environment. Through a play oriented environment children begin to learn social skills, sharing skills as well as pre- reading and pre- writing literacy, which lay the foundation for a child’s future academic and social success. Our skilled and nurturing teachers here at NSHA, know just how to create a play oriented developmentally appropriate environment that allows for children to learn, thrive, develop and feel confident about their abilities.


Our philosophy is based on a developmental approach; a child-centered environment that addresses individual needs where each child feels nurtured through their experiences. Play is an integral part of how children interact with people and with materials in their environment .The Early Childhood classroom provides an interactive environment that stimulates the different talents and abilities of each developing child. We encourage children to become independent learners, to explore their Jewish identity, to discover their environment, promoting personal creativity and expression. The integration of learning enables children to understand the world around them through art, music, reading and writing, speaking and listening. Our curriculum is enriched with many specialty classes, such as yoga, music, computers, science, gym and library.

Our children learn Hebrew in a natural, meaningful way. Children are engaged at all times in speaking, listening or “doing” both in English and in Hebrew. The immersion of our Hebrew language throughout the day in a meaningful context makes our children here at NSHA fluent very quickly in Ivrit.

In this environment our children also experience the values of menshlichkeit, the love of torah and Midinat Yisrael, as well as a commitment to the observance of mitzvot. Exposure to Jewish holidays and Shabbat enriches the secular curriculum and connects children to their heritage.

The Early Childhood years are often called ‘The Building Block” years. At NSHA we fill these years with meaningful learning and wonder, as we guide our children through the threshold into a lifetime of learning.