Mercaz ASA

Dear Parents,

I’d like to personally thank you for another exciting year of Mercaz After School Activities here at Cherry Lane.  We hope we fulfilled our promises to you to provide your children with exciting after school enrichment in a safe place where they can enjoy learning new skills with their classmates.

Below you will find the Sunday-Friday schedule, course catalog, pricing sheet and registration forms.

Our goal for this year is to offer the best programs for you and your child throughout the upcoming school year.  Returning ASA students will progress through courses with the help of our skilled staff and make the leap from last year’s programs in maturity, responsibility, expectations and most of all fun!  We look forward to welcoming new students to our after school program where they will learn new skills as well as make new friends.

We are excited to announce that we anticipate providing online Mercaz ASA registration by the end of the summer. Please stay tuned for more details.  Please note that you can still register by filling out the enclosed registration forms, and send them along with cash or a check made out to NSHA care of Coach Hall. Please note: Students cannot attend class without a completed registration form and check paid in full in advance or completed online registration with a credit card payment.

I look forward to seeing you and your children enjoying our wonderful Mercaz ASA programs throughout the 2017/2018 school year.

Coach Mitchell Hall

Mercaz ASA Director

We are not just a school – we are a community.