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Next Generation Gardening and Learning at NSHA

Our Tower Gardens are already overflowing with bountiful produce!

Remember Where You Came From

As has become custom, this week’s message are the thoughts I shared with our graduates this past Tuesday evening.

Names, Not Numbers Premiers at NSHA

When our 28 students who participated in Names, Not Numbers began their journey, they could hardly have known the profound impact they would have on the approximately 200 NSHA community members, the survivors and their families who came to view their film tonight.


The Dead Sea Scrolls Come Alive at NSHA


Our students engaged in a unique seminar with world renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, Dr. Lawrence Schiffman

A Haggadah Like No Other

Under the guidance of their Gemara teachers, our 7th Grade students created their own Haggadah filled with student and faculty divrei Torah.

Congrats Championship Teams!

Check out our video montages for our NSHA sports Champs!

Artists in Residence! NSHA & the Hecksher Art Museum Program

A unique program that perfectly reinforces the focus we place on art, imagination, self expression and creativity, the Hecksher Museum in class and museum sessions are a highlight of the Kindergarten year.

Digging into our Research Skills

Our 3rd-5th graders are honing their research and presentation skills all with a little help from Google.

The Magic of Magnetism and Integrative Learning

Ever wonder how a rollercoaster works?  Ask one of our Third graders.  They’re working on an Integrative Learning STEM unit on the magic of magnetism!

The Lion Report (January 21-Februay 8)

The regular seasons are winding down but we’re heading to the playoffs and we’ll need all the #NSHALionPride you can roar up!

Names, Not Numbers at NSHA

It is inspiring to witness the bonding that takes place between these young adults and the survivors, as well as the striking metamorphosis they experience while they transition from naïveté to enlightenment.

Prizmah – A Time to Learn

From sessions with internationally renowned experts in subjects ranging from Tanakh to communication to fundraising and school governance, every participant (especially this one) found myriad new ways to think.

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