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Finding Our Lens: A Shabbat Message from Rabbi Dr. Kobrin

One of the scariest scenes in recent horror movies occurred in last year’s It, in a scene lifted directly from Stephen King’s classic 1986 novel (sorry, no links: not safe for kids — or even for some adults).

The Impostor Syndrome: A Shabbat Message From Rabbi Dr. Kobrin

My first year as a teacher I kept waiting for everyone – my students, their parents, my principal – to realize that I had fooled them all; I actually had no idea what I was doing. I know people who had similar feelings when they first became parents: we’re just faking this, and one day we’ll get caught and they’ll take this baby away from us.

They Also Serve: A Shabbat and Purim Message from Rabbi Dr. Kobrin

Running up the FDR drive in a race this past Sunday, I felt particular gratitude for a group of people who are often taken for granted: the volunteers. At a New York Road Runners race, volunteers staff tables and medical tents to give out snacks and drinks and to offer first aid. It’s cold, boring and often thankless work; Mr. Sigal and his family have volunteered at races and he’s told me how it can feel. Waiting on the sidelines can be hard.

Jewish History in a Flash Returns to NSHA

Video Games Can be Good for your Health

Yom Ha’Zikaron Tekes (Ceremony) At NSHA Middle School

What’s on your Bookshelf – Featuring the Aharon Family

We’re Learning Jewish History – “in a Flash!”

We’ve embarked on a journey covering over 5000 years of Jewish history in three days.

Beyond our Four Walls –

I felt at once really proud of us for giving our energy and time, and guilty for feeling proud; and guilty again for being able to fly home to my own home that was undamaged.

We are not just a school – we are a community.