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Jewish History in a Flash Returns to NSHA

Video Games Can be Good for your Health

Yom Ha’Zikaron Tekes (Ceremony) At NSHA Middle School

What’s on your Bookshelf – Featuring the Aharon Family

We’re Learning Jewish History – “in a Flash!”

We’ve embarked on a journey covering over 5000 years of Jewish history in three days.

Beyond our Four Walls –

I felt at once really proud of us for giving our energy and time, and guilty for feeling proud; and guilty again for being able to fly home to my own home that was undamaged.

Firsthand Learning about Primary Source Documents

Learning about primary source documents and historical archives is an essential component of our Names, Not Numbers filmmaking.

Next Generation Gardening and Learning at NSHA

Our Tower Gardens are already overflowing with bountiful produce!

Remember Where You Came From

As has become custom, this week’s message are the thoughts I shared with our graduates this past Tuesday evening.

We are not just a school – we are a community.